Six diverse professionals share insights about how they became partners at Metyis.

Metyis invests heavily in accelerating its top performers to leadership positions. All team members receive mentorship, guidance, and are equipped with cutting-edge tools to enrich their projects. Six team members became partners at the conclusion of 2021 as recognition for their instrumental contributions to Metyis’ projects focused on innovation, corporate & business strategy, digital transformation, e-commerce, and data science.

Introducing Metyis’ six new partners

BV Sriraman
Porto Office

BV Sriraman is a new partner at Metyis who brings 20+ years of strategic management consulting experience. He is relocating from Bangalore to Porto, where he will drive innovation within Metyis' Campus.

He has a proven record of assembling high-performing teams and scaling their capacity while creating environments where everyone can learn together. His impact-driven leadership style embodies Metyis’ core values. In Portugal, aside from walking and exploring the beautiful historical cities, he intends to utilise his scuba diving certification.

Carlos Ortega
Madrid Office

Carlos Ortega possesses 20 years of experience, mainly in consulting, but also in the financial services sector, with sound experience in corporate and business strategy, integration processes and digital transformation.

He is father of two kids and enjoys his free time spending time with his family and friends, skiing and travelling.

Elena Boffa
Madrid Office

Elena Boffa Tarlatta has a longstanding international experience in multidisciplinary projects with a strong analytical component. She is specialised in FMCG and her expertise covers from strategy definition to deployment.

She is passionate about Modern and Contemporary art and Italian design and she is a mother of two daughters.

Jan Rohde
Dubai Office

Jan Rohde serves public and private sector clients as a Partner at Metyis Middle East, focusing on strategy (execution) and transformation. Growing up tri-cultural he is now based in Dubai, his 16th city of residence.

He attended #1 ranked business schools (at time of attendance) in the US (Kellogg School of Management), Spain (ICADE) and Germany (ESB Reutlingen). Also, he is an avid half-marathon runner, passionate converser about current affairs and enjoys traveling and spending time with his wife and three children.

Sanne Krom
Amsterdam Office

Sanne Krom is a broadly experienced digital team player with dynamic achievements across digital strategy, e-commerce, tech, marketing, CRM, omnichannel, social media, content development, analytics, and offline retail marketing and brand strategy.

He is father of two kids and enjoys his free time travelling and skiing.

Stijn Froeling
Amsterdam Office

Stijn Froeling has +13 years of strategy consulting experience. His expertise focuses on digital strategy, ecommerce & commercial excellence, and global scale business transformation.

Stijn lives in Amsterdam with his girlfriend, and he is a big fan of good food and to stay in shape. He likes playing field hockey and all kinds of water sports like windsurfing, sailing and diving.

The ethos and culture we’re building together at Metyis

These six partners demonstrate Metyis’ commitment to driving innovation, facilitating multidisciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration, and achieving meaningful impact for clients. Metyis’ rapid growth occurs in parallel to the speedy career advancement of its people, who lead by example and propel their mentees to do the same. With mentorship groups such as Women@Metyis and routine knowledge-sharing sessions attended by team members worldwide, we have formed a thriving community around what we do. If an environment like this appeals to you, check out the open positions on our careers page!

If an environment like this appeals to you, check out our open positions and join us!