IoT is an enabler that drives accuracy in close coordination with business strategy. The domain bridges the divide between business and digital and creates meaningful new opportunities for all.

Our team of specialists at Metyis facilitate the adoption of creative, technical, and business solutions that grant new capabilities by innovating and designing digital products, services, and IoT technology that unlock previously unattainable potential. 

Competitive companies need to blend modern resources and platforms with enriching new ideas. Metyis creates this intersection between software, hardware, data analytics and design to ensure seamless and user-friendly IoT solutions.

Design thinking to scale projects

We take a deep dive into clients’ operations to identify bottlenecks, weaknesses, and growth opportunities and incorporates design processes and design thinking to strengthen quality and consistency. We are creating a seamless connection between traditional and digital. By approaching such projects with a sense of business awareness, Metyis uses the right tools to solve the right problems.  
At Metyis, we deploy agile product teams that can design, build, ship, scale and revitalise clients’ visions and deliver as outstanding user experience. These are supported by advanced technologies and methods tailored to benefit a wide range of businesses. 

Business-focused technologies

Value is assessed in different ways, and that is why we dedicate resources to develop an early buy-in business case to support the development.

Metyis takes clients’ ideas and forges them into user-focused products that are responsive and complete. Stakeholder feedback shapes all solutions. The design team assembles the foundation that the development team builds upon in close collaboration with all parties. 
The partnership landscape around the design team incorporates elements needed by the clients enable them to deliver items and allows clients to accelerate beyond competitors.

At Metyis, we ensure that clients embrace these new tools culturally. As a company grows and evolves, and the market changes, IoT solutions will be scaled and the role of tools will be adjusted accordingly. Our experts plan for this well in advance.