By facilitating the integration of software and service transformations across clients’ operations, we position a wide range of companies to thrive in ever-changing business reality. 

To be disruptors, companies must always have access to the newest tech tools and processes. These organisational changes require new approaches in how technology is developed, delivered, commercialised and engaged with by customers. Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS) is the future. 
Metyis' implementation of these transformations places close consideration on assessing the company’s needs and its customers simultaneously. Action plans blend strategy, consulting, experience, and engineering. 
Our Technology Delivery Centre offers a rich platform for integration, implementation, and custom development and a premium source of modern technology training and knowledge sharing sessions spanning disciplines.

Multidisciplinary services propelling partners forward 

These consulting and management services mainly divided into 6 categories: 

Strategy & Consulting: A blend of business strategy with experience and engineering to accelerate growth and effectiveness.

Customer Experience & Design: By consolidating strategy and engineering with data and design, user experiences are curated to the customer’s needs.

Technology & Engineering: Building platforms that grant access to untapped opportunities and accelerate business value through an intersection that allows companies to lead through change.

Enterprise Platforms: Identifying the best what, when, where and how for a diverse range of demographics. Products and services are designed for impact.

Data & Artificial Intelligence: Extracting intelligence that drives value for businesses. Our team at Metyis teaches clients how to derive meaning from its existing data and use it to achieve heightened understanding.

Innovation & Digital Product Management: We’re transforming how to pioneer customer-centric digital products. Holding a focus on the customers’ wants and needs lets us reflect positively on brands with user friendliness that retains clients long term.

A diverse toolkit of resources that boost performance 

Our design and software practice brings strong solution capabilities around a wide array of proprietary, commercial, and open-source platforms. Our enterprise solutions practice offers custom development and product engineering solutions. 
At Metyis, we have been serving major enterprise accounts for years as an IT System Integrator and trusted technology partner who enables clients to overcome Enterprise Modernisation challenges and navigate Digital Transformations. To achieve this objective, clients benefit enormously from the expertise of Metyis, who has led esteemed retail organisations to make this journey countless times before.