At Metyis, our multidisciplinary teams hold the freedom to innovate, collaborate and create without being hindered by red tape.  

An appetite for innovation brings us to create our own pathways, conceptualise strategies and deliver solutions by experimenting without hesitation.

We are proud of our diverse team that consists of talents representing a wide range of cultures, educational backgrounds and skill sets. We integrate a variety of perspectives to produce dynamic works that are greater than the sum of their parts.

The curiosity and passion of our team has positioned us to overcome many complex problems faced by companies of all sizes and across all industries. We begin with the small traces that together tell a story that has more depth, complexity and meaning than standard reports filled with general assumptions.

At Metyis, we have a collective aversion against unnecessary complexity across our workflow. Issues are resolved swiftly and imperfections embraced, as we guide our clients to achieve their goals. Our environment is one where voices are heard and ideas are resourced.

Metyis’ core qualities

Empowerment: If a team member conceptualises a meaningful idea, we will bring it to life, irrespective of their seniority. We listen to and value all opinions. 
Synergistic and Casual: By blending the skill sets within our cross-functional project teams, everyone’s contributions are unique, hierarchy is insignificant. Across levels, no one takes themselves too seriously. 
Diverse: Recruiting competitive talent from far-reaching locations worldwide results in Metyis' deliverables resonating with audiences on both the global and local levels. 
Equitable and Inclusive: Here, we are individuals and not numbers. Each team member has an equal platform to share ideas. All team members have equal access to growth opportunities. We simultaneously recognise individual performance and reward the efforts of synergetic teams. 
Multidisciplinary: From political science to AI, our specialist teams are unwavering in their commitment. 
Attentive: Never stagnant or plateaued, Metyis is always evolving, adjusting, optimising processes and experimenting with new tools. 

At Metyis, we laugh, we encourage one another, we do what we love and grow while we do it. Everyone teaches and learns and contributes to the direction that Metyis moves. We want to bring in talent whose additions to this evolving mechanism will enrich it.

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