Big Data Solutions

We help you unlock the full power of your data. Backed by extensive experience and cutting-edge capabilities, we define, drive and execute your data agenda to harness its full potential. Through a strategic, data-driven approach, we pave the way for transformative insights and impactful decision-making.

Enrichingthe ecosystem

Metyis helps unlock the value potential of Big Data Solutions for clients and partners, both in the early exploratory stages, as well as supporting the execution challenge of driving delivery.

We deploy an end-to-end capability of data scientists, developers, data engineers and business profiles to seamlessly support the agenda of developing, deploying and driving value from data products. This includes setting up the required data infrastructure, as well as embedding it in the business.  

We utilize proprietary in-house products created with best-in-class and off-the-shelf tools, combined with our ability to tailor and develop data products. As a result, we are able to drive an acceleration of a data agenda and achieve unprecedented data-driven transformation in the most challenging business environments.

Metyis makes elusive data strategies achievable for non-digitally native companies.

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