By developing a multidisciplinary approach combined with innovative thinking, we challenge our partners and clients to outgrow their potential.

Management & Digital Consulting

Metyis will integrate digital solutions across clients’ operations to drive growth and strengthen positioning. Our specialists thoroughly analyse the challenges faced by companies and create tailored action plans to overcome them. Clients will be able to stay one step ahead in an ever-shifting business landscape.

By working alongside clients as their partners and taking a hands-on role in coaching them to utilise advanced tools, implement long-term plans sustainably and re-design their strategy and execution, Metyis has redefined consulting. Digital transformation has never been this achievable.

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How Metyis stands out as a consulting employer of choiceArticle, June 1, 2022Earlier this year, Metyis was named one of the top management consulting firms for graduates in Spain. Recently our Managing Partner José Antonio Bueno and our Manager Sabrina Bernal spoke to about how Metyis earned its reputation as an excellent working environment.
Big Data

Big data has often felt beyond the reach for traditional companies. At Metyis, we have a unique approach for handling data to integrate it into the operations of clients. Our data scientists, data engineers, and data visualisation experts work in close collaboration with our multidisciplinary teams to reinforce business strategies with data-driven insights.

While most companies are already in possession of a wealth of data, they still face challenges when trying to understand it and unlock its potential. We at Metyis tap into this by employing AI powered platforms, machine learning models and advanced analytics to grant clients the ability to make data-driven decisions rooted in facts rather than gut feelings.

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The power of big data: turning dust into goldArticle, June 30, 2022The first complete and formal writing system, cuneiform, is believed to be invented in Mesopotamia between 3400 and 3300 BC1. Since then, our species has been innovating various methods for generating, communicating, and storing data.

While great opportunities in e-commerce are often tackled with point-solutions, we at Metyis, have specialised in developing and implementing end-to-end e-commerce platforms that allow for a high level of customisation driven by strategies with ambitious yet achievable targets. Our experts equip companies with the capabilities and capacity that go beyond standard e-commerce services and include advanced analytics and AI, tagging, platform infrastructure, monitoring and reporting, allowing them to leverage resources that would otherwise be too costly.

Together with our clients we strive to improve their performance and stability, boost sales and enhance the overall customer experience.


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Is Your Brand Getting Lost On Amazon? - Navigating the Amazon AdventureArticle, November 4, 2021Metyis has demystified Amazon as our specialists are deeply familiar with its inner workings. Read on to learn several tactics to engage with Amazon on your own terms from a place of strength.
Powering People

At Metyis, we develop resources to attract, select and onboard desired talent to create synergetic and dynamic teams. With data insights, leadership strategies, and in-depth knowledge of company culture formation, our team at Metyis specialises in imparting best practices to the HR departments. These practices will guarantee effective hiring decisions, improved collaboration amongst teams and satisfied employees.

Employees will derive meaning from their work and be rewarded for achieving clearly established goals that contribute to achieving the overall strategic objectives of the company. Our Metyis’ HR solutions revolutionise companies by staffing them with teams who will lead through change and adapt their departments to the ever-shifting demands of the market.

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Cutting edge HR solutions that optimize talentArticle, January 28, 2021The talent and HR analytics practice delivering human resources advisory services.

At Metyis, we empower what we call technology-as-a-service. This principle bundles hardware, software and services into a single proposition. We bring business owners and technology experts closer together to redesign business processes and customer experience journeys. We build new capabilities and redefine roles and responsibilities to prosper in a rapidly shifting digital landscape.

Our innovative technology services blend start-up thinking and agile methods that offer custom development and product engineering solutions. These service practices bring strong capabilities around a wide array of proprietary, commercial and open-source platforms.

Meet our Technology senior leaders
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Innovation services that will lead through changeArticle, January 28, 2021By facilitating the integration of software and service transformations across clients’ operations, we position a wide range of companies to thrive in ever-changing business reality.
IoT & Design

A coordinated blend of software, hardware, analytics and design ensures seamless and user-friendly integration of IoT and digital product solutions. Our team at Metyis has a unique composition that combines all these concepts with a business purpose, allowing clients to invest in value-adding technology rather than just gimmicks. Together our development and design teams translate massive amounts of data into actionable insights that outgrow common assumptions.

With a highly skilled production facility next door, our routes to markets are efficient and allow for fast testing and end-user feedback. A thorough integration of IoT technology in our client’s underlying business strategies will enable them to enter the next stage of digitalisation.

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