Design at Metyis

With the growing need for integrated IoT solutions, the complementary importance of user-friendly interface designs arises simultaneously. Metyis’ designers work hand in hand with our development teams and enter projects at an early stage to ensure a seamless workflow, consistency and the ground-up creations of UX/UI interface designs. Our design teams work in a creative environment comparable to ones found in contemporary design agencies. We provide an equal platform for everyone to contribute and foster collective and individual development.

Hiring Process
Network iconOnline application

Send us your resume with detailed information about your experience, accompanied by your portfolio and a personal letter stating why you feel you’re a strong fit for our team.

Coffee iconOptional coffee round

An introduction to Metyis. We will tell you everything about Metyis and answer any questions that you may have.

Dialogue iconFit interview and portfolio interview

Show your motivation, experience and how your profile aligns with Metyis while demonstrating your design works.

Brain iconChallenge

We send you a design challenge to test your skills, methods and creativity.

Joao Andrade
João AndradeDigital Product Designer, Porto
I am the Lead Product Designer at Metyis. Alongside my team, I am responsible for all aspects of the user experience of products and services. I work closely with users, partners, product management and technology teams to design digital solutions that always aim for a relevant, aesthetically pleasing and intuitive overall experience for the user while taking the business objectives and technological constraints always into consideration.
André Covas
André CovasLead Designer, Madrid
I joined Metyis in early 2020 and it has been thrilling to be a part of this journey! I am glad to be a part of a young team with a hands-on attitude. As a designer, I am encouraged to experiment and I have the opportunity to develop work for top brands and companies worldwide.
Filipa Ferreira
Filipa FerreiraCommunication Designer, Porto
Metyis has given me the opportunity to be part of something bigger than myself: A multicultural environment with an outstanding design team, where it’s encouraged to have fresh ideas and be bold in what we do. Working at Metyis means accomplishing more together and to have a positive impact in what we create as a team.
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