In today’s era of disruption, setting direction is more critical than ever. At Metyis we believe that powerful strategies are driven by integrated sets of choices and a firm commitment to creating acceptance and change across all organisational levels.

Who we are

We are a dynamic and forward-thinking consultancy firm that operates across a wide range of industries. Our multidisciplinary teams create bold strategies and innovative solutions that are tailor made to our client’s needs that enable them to capitalise on opportunities. Together we strive to bring long-lasting impact and celebrate collective victories.

Metyis’ work environment unifies creative problem-solving and strategic thinking. We provide resources to visionaries who understand the direction that the world is moving. Tomorrow’s world is data-driven. It is digital. It is international. We are Metyis. Partners for impact.

What we do

Our selection of services stands to equip clients with the knowledge and tools to maximise their potential. Strategies are designed with a long-term vision and targets are set with a clear direction to drive continuous progress. Our services empower our clients to streamline information flow and support growth, strengthening the core and harmonising operations.

They enable data-driven decision-making and allow clients to face the future from a place of understanding. Metyis’ approach to consulting is fresh and vibrant and pioneers customisation that allows us to attentively advise and guide clients through a hands-on implementation process.

How we operate
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At Metyis, we strongly believe in long-lasting partnerships. A choice that builds on trust, transparency and pursuing common goals. Built around the fundamental objective to support growth and leveraging shared interests. We are devoted to our partners and help them build specific capacities and capabilities. Each partnership is unique and carefully crafted according to our partner’s objectives.

This can be in the form of a specific purpose hub, joint ventures or long-term service agreements. Metyis empowers its partners to seize the opportunities of their businesses. To us a partnership is all about being the right partner and collectively creating impact.

Global partnership board

A pioneering team of experienced individuals who represent a diverse range of countries, industries and specialisations.

Meet some of our senior leaders

Global advisory board

A carefully combined council of professionals whose senior experience and business knowledge enrich our company.

Partnering with AWWG to boost the global fashion group’s E-commerce and drive digitalisation.Article, July 7, 2021We are proud to officially unveil our strategic partnership with AWWG, the global fashion group behind the iconic brands Pepe Jeans, Hackett and Façonnable. Our collaboration will champion digitalisation across AWWG’s key business areas in digital commerce over the next three years and include forming a digital business campus.
The making of the Metyis CampusArticle, September 2, 2021We are proud to announce the development of our Porto Campus where we will host our people and partners.
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Strategic locations for global impact

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