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Cover image: Why should Social Responsible Restructuring be a pillar of a company's ESG strategy?
Why should Social Responsible Restructuring be a pillar of a company's ESG strategy?Article, July 29, 2022ESG plans (Environmental, Social, Governance) are the focus of over 75% of the strategic agendas of large European companies. This trend, increased by the Covid-19 pandemic, has concentrated mainly on metrics, specifically on how to measure the impact of investment in ESG components. According to the Stanford Social Innovation Review, the essential issue is the weight given to each ESG factor.
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The power of big data: turning dust into goldArticle, June 30, 2022The first complete and formal writing system, cuneiform, is believed to be invented in Mesopotamia between 3400 and 3300 BC1. Since then, our species has been innovating various methods for generating, communicating, and storing data.
Parallelism and memory pressure in R and Python
Parallelism and memory pressure in R and PythonArticle, June 30, 2022To reduce the time it takes to run large processes and deliver to clients faster, big calculations such as optimisations and simulations should apply parallel computing in large-scale systems. Parallel computation is the simultaneous execution of different pieces of a larger computation across multiple computing processors or cores.

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