Welcome to the Metyis Campus

Our state-of-the-art Digital Campus inspires the pursuit of innovation. In a collaborative environment partnerships and teams evolve together.

Opening doorsto the future!

Metyis is here to build a legacy that encompasses impact, collaboration, entrepreneurship, innovation, and seamless partnerships. The Metyis Campus is an extension of that thinking.

More than a building, it embodies our visionary approach to forging powerful partnerships. It is where we combine solutions in digital commerce, AI, data, and technology, empowering leading enterprises to become tech-driven pioneers. Here, collaborative innovation thrives, and multidisciplinary teams come together to create a lasting impact. The Campus reflects the way we do business and interact with our people, partners, and local communities.  

Together, we are seizing the opportunities of tomorrow, today!

A place for our business partners to thrive

The Digital Campus is a catalyst for our business partners’ success, providing an environment where innovation and digital transformation take centre stage.

A place for ourpeople to grow

People evolve and become the architects of their own success stories when capabilities are combined to become greater than the sum of their parts.

A local campusfor global impact

Here, teams and partners turn elusive data and digital strategies into attainable goals. With a central location, we collectively meet and surpass objectives, delivering the tools, capabilities, and working methods needed to thrive in the digital age.

Deep capabilities centre

As a deep capabilities centre, the Campus acts as a staging ground for innovation to support our partners’ businesses. Our local team of highly skilled experts in Big Data, Digital Commerce, Design and Strategy collaborate across geographies to create a global impact.

Global training

The Campus is the nerve centre for the Metyis Academy. With high-impact learning programs like Foundation Courses, Technical Training and Personal & Leadership Development, the Academy unlocks potential in our business partners' organisations and maximises our people’s performance.

HUGO BOSSDigital Campus

Together with HUGO BOSS, our esteemed business partner, we have embarked on a joint venture and created the HUGO BOSS Digital Campus, dedicated to increasing the data analytics, eCommerce and technology capabilities of the company needed to boost digital sales. HUGO BOSS Digital Campus employees will help create a state-of-the-art data architecture infrastructure, advanced business analytics, and the development and enhancement of HUGO BOSS’ eCommerce platform and services.   

This collaborative environment will provide the capabilities required for HUGO BOSS to maximise the use of data and support its growth trajectory towards becoming the leading premium tech-driven fashion platform worldwide.

Digital Campus@Porto

Porto, the city Invicta, is a blend of timeless values and boundless innovation which resonate deeply with Metyis' foundational ideals. For centuries, this remarkable city has nurtured a pioneering spirit that captivates those who venture into every new era. The local entrepreneurial spirit, shaped by both Portuguese and multinational visionaries, reflects the immense potential of its people and the collaborative nature of its vibrant communities with the rest of the world. 

A key player in the European tech ecosystem, Portugal now stands at the forefront of digital innovation thanks to the quality of highly-educated young talent, proximity to businesses based throughout Europe, and high proficiency in English. 

The future we envision is taking shape, with the Metyis Campus laying the foundation for the creation of 1,000 jobs. This visionary space is paving the way for a skilled workforce that will shape new ventures and seize emerging opportunities. In our quest for impact, we will lay the groundwork for adjacent local businesses. This symbiotic relationship fuels the growth of the local community, cultivating an ecosystem where talents and ideas thrive. 

Our new foundations in Porto reinforce our position as a reference in the market and centralise our global network and capabilities. We are opening doors to the future with a place for our people and business partners to create a real impact.