At Metyis, we combine strategy, data, and technology to equip clients with advanced resources, heightened understanding, and a user experience that facilitates long-term retention. To cater to partners' needs, we offer eCommerce services and pragmatic solutions that help build the right capabilities to jointly drive results.

Services to buildsustained eCommerce capabilities

Having the right capabilities is key to driving profitable growth in digital. Brand & product demand is key to generating (organic) revenue in digital leveraging marketing & promotions as a multiplier to increase traffic and conversion at a cost. The right capabilities drive growth based on data-driven solutions, decisions and actions. To realise this ambition, we provide services to build sustained eCommerce capabilities within the organisation.

Digital Business Management

Our Digital Business Management Services vary from the end-to-end management of eCommerce platforms to managing specific building blocks such as eCommerce Strategy & Business Transition, Trading & Merchandising Management, Marketplace Management & Supply Chain. We bring a variety of experienced industry experts to each field focused on driving the impact needed to support digital ambitions.

Digital Intelligence

Our services build the capability to help understand customers and how they behave on direct and indirect touchpoints. Digital Intelligence can transform this data into real-time actionable insights and models to predict and optimise businesses, with the customer at the centre.

Performance Marketing

Our Performance Marketing services enhance the performance of digital marketing channels. We leverage data-driven techniques such as Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM), Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Models and Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS) Modelling to optimise and automate the budget as much as possible.

Product & Pricing

Having the right assortment with the right attributes in the right channel at the right price is a key driver for digital growth. We bring Digital Intelligence capabilities as well as technical solutions to make sure the right match is made between product and consumer. This can be achieved through Master Data Management & Optimisation, Site Merchandising, Dynamic Pricing, Assortment Planning, Markdown Optimisations, Profitability Per Order Analysis and Demand Forecasting.

Conversion Rate Optimisation & User Experience

Our User Experience and User Interface team ensures that the web or app infrastructures are measured and optimised in the most effective way to drive conversions, while simultaneously representing brand identity. We combine industry best practices with a tailored approach to our business partners' needs. Continuously optimising through an A/B testing framework.


We bring business owners and technology experts closer together to redesign business processes and customer experience journeys. Our service includes optimising the technology stack (WCS, SFCC, AEM etc), developing and maintaining new platforms and experiences as well as creating the necessary integrations and managing the technical ecosystems.

Digital Commerce Solutions

Our solutions are prioritised as fundamentals and accelerators based on our clients’ needs. Fundamentals focus on capabilities to maintain the current growth path and create the necessary scale to enable profitable growth. Growth accelerators complement traditional growth levers with a more data-driven approach toward eCommerce, impacting key drivers for improving the top and bottom line. Examples of eCommerce Solutions we offer are Pricing & Promotion Solutions, Personalisation Strategy, Demand Planning and Loyalty Programs.

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