At Metyis our long-term partnerships enable growth, transformations and the integration of tools that grant a competitive advantage to evolving businesses.

At Metyis, we strongly believe in long-lasting partnerships. We are devoted to our partners and help them build specific capacities and capabilities while scaling them over time. Together we form a bond that creates trust in the pursuit of common goals.

Attentive to our partner's every need, and with talent and resources accessible to nurture their ideas, we emphasise shared success. Obstacles will be overcome together and growth will coincide. We cooperate with our partners, guide them and foster projects as they evolve.

Hugo Boss x Metyis joint ventureA joint venture between Hugo Boss and Metyis originated The Digital Campus, an extension of the Hugo Boss organization. Metyis will support Hugo Boss’s vision of becoming THE leading premium tech-driven fashion platform worldwide.

Hugo BossDigital Campus

The physical representation of Metyis x Hugo Boss partnership

The Digital Campus is located in Porto and stems from the ambition to boost digital sales across all digital sub-channels (O&O, WHS & partners) by improving the usage of data in combination with a wide facet of capabilities such as technology, advanced analytics, data engineering and business intelligence. The Hugo Boss Digital Campus will accelerate the change and realize the CLAIM 5 ambition to achieve 25% of the net sales target through digital sales.

Data & Analytics in SHV: ADAPTFYPartnering with SHV has originated a venture that provides ground-breaking Data & Analytics solutions with Adaptfy: the Advanced Data Professional Team For You.

Establishing Data & Analytics capabilities for SHV

A highly skilled, multidisciplinary, and multicultural team

ADAPTFY is a strategic partnership between SHV Holdings and Metyis to establish global Data & Analytics (D&A) capabilities for SHV. Data, advanced analytics & technology is used to create value through optimizing business practices and processes throughout the value chain. Using analytical insights is not only about understanding the drivers of performance but is equally about understanding what response mechanisms (actions) deliver what kind of results at a more granular level.

Partnering with AWWGThe global fashion group behind the iconic brands Pepe Jeans, Hackett and Façonnable is ready to champion digitalisation by joining Metyis in a long-term commitment to driving strategic growth.

An innovative Digital Business Campus to boost AWWG’s eCommerce

Driving digitalisation at the brand’s headquarters in Madrid

Metyis' partnership with AWWG aims to scale the group’s digital capacities by accelerating online sales and ensuring a robust end-to-end business integration. Over three years, Metyis is concentrated on two central pillars: a Digital Commerce strategy that enhances brand commerce, tech integration and CRM processes, while an innovative Digital Business Campus facilitates the adoption of best practices in digital selling, data analytics, and cutting-edge product selling tools. Metyis launched the Digital Campus’ Hub within AWWG’s Madrid Headquarters, which will have an extensive global impact across all AWWG locations.