Joining Metyisis a real opportunity to create impact

Are you looking to create a positive impact in the business world? So are we! Metyis creates end-to-end solutions and, most importantly, partnerships. This means we stay around long enough to care about each other’s ambitions and challenges.

Our teams are set up so that you have plenty of room to build bigger and bolder ideas by speaking your mind and being creative with your knowledge. Imagine the things you could achieve with a multidisciplinary team that encourages you to be the best version of yourself.

The Metyis ecosystem allows all our people to chart their own course in becoming experts and leaders in their field. Once you join Metyis you become part of a global network of people who instruct, mentor and advise with the help of learning programs that enhance every step of your career.

We are Metyis, Partners for Impact.

Metyis is aglobal team

Our teams are set up to connect and grow talent across the world.

By joining this network with over 50 nationalities, you will build personal connections with diverse people, whose experience and expertise are globally available to any project or business venture.

Being a part of Metyis means...

Culture feeling included
01. Being included in a multicultural group

Talent and skill transcend borders, so we seek them out wherever they are. Your perspective and culture may be different but therein lies our main inspiration to collectively develop unique and interesting solutions.

Multidisciplinary collaboration
02. Collaborating with a multidisciplinary team

Great ideas arise when disciplines meet, which is why we are eager to learn from you and openly share knowledge between our teams. This versatile attitude fuels our ability to become a powerhouse of true mastery and skill.

potential to grow
04. Having the potential to grow

With us, you will have room to grow your potential and build bold ideas. The Metyis Academy, the support of a talented team, and the guidance of mentors will help elevate all your ambitions. At Metyis, you can own every step of your career.

At Metyis wechallenge you to...

Culture Icon_Own your impact
Own your impact

Develop your own ambitions alongside Metyis by being entrepreneurial and proactive.

Culture Page icon_Be driven by curiosity and collaboration
Be driven by curiosity and collaboration

Always be open to different approaches, ways of thinking and ideas by collaborating with diverse teams. Strive to develop yourself and those around you.

Culture Icon_Be Pragmatic
Be pragmatic

Get things done by crafting practical solutions that help drive real results.

Culture Icon_Build real relationships
Build real relationships

Make meaningful connections by daring to be the truest version of yourself in each interaction.

HapinessCulture Icon_Make it fun
Make it fun!

Embrace the journey, have fun and bring others along.

Metyis Academy

The Metyis Academy is a ground-breaking way to learn on the job, where you gain boundless potential and professional growth at every stage. Built to deliver professional capabilities and support, the Academy aims to help you become more confident in your work and reimagine the future of your career.

We specialise in unlocking potential with a dynamic curriculum encompassing Strategy Management, Data & Digital transformation, and Leadership development. This immersive learning programme invests in guiding personal and professional development, creating future leaders in the data-driven age by sharing our knowledge and expertise.

Thriving together: Metyis communities

Our global communities share knowledge, drive innovation, and foster inclusion in a way that further allows us to build ground-breaking solutions. We are dedicated to creating the right conditions for internal communities to thrive through mutual support, mentoring, and motivation.


Women@Metyis was created with the aim to positively impact women across the company and beyond, while also seeking inspiring ways to level their playing field. Our community is focused on attracting, developing, and retaining the best talent, forging an environment where women can develop and thrive as professionals, feel empowered to take control over their careers, and be challenged to achieve their full potential.

Big Data & Analytics

Our Big Data & Analytics community shares knowledge about the fields of data engineering, data science, and data visualisation while connecting colleagues within the company across these areas. At Metyis, everyone can become immersed in data-driven best practices.

Meet ourtalented team

"Women continue to be underrepresented in the data and tech fields." - meet Teodora
Ethos & culture
"It was everything I had been looking for in a workplace." - meet Lucas
Ethos & culture
“Metyis gives me a perfect environment to learn from the people around me.” - meet Abeeha
Ethos & culture
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