Business Process Transformation

Helping business leaders to build a stronger core business that can adapt to changing times and constantly evolving business challenges.

Business process assessment, evolution, and transformation are pillars upon which a strong core business can adapt to changing times and constantly evolving business challenges.

Customers are getting more and more vocal, wanting their services to be quicker and better with further transparency. For businesses to thrive in the “New Normal”, business leaders need to ensure that their business models can be continually improved to provide the best experience to the ever-changing demands of their customers.

The key to a successfulBusiness Process Transformation

The key to a successful business process transformation is its impact on business KPIs. At Metyis, we ensure that the project begins with assessing the KPIs that need to be impacted and ends with measuring these once the transformation process is complete. Throughout this process, our team works hand-in-hand with clients not only to change the way the business is run but also to ensure that the team has the mindset shift needed to trust and run the new processes on their own.

If a transformation needs a digital solution to be implemented, our digital and technology teams get involved at the very outset to ensure a smooth and comprehensive transition. With Metyis, businesses have a trusted partner with in-depth expertise and many years of experience in driving these transformations and delivering value.

Business Process Transformation Approach

Our experience and business acumen help us suggest the best approach to solving customer problems in line with global best practices. At Metyis, we help our partners transform their businesses with our three-step approach to business process transformation.

01. Assess

The assessment phase is when project teams are created and key stakeholders are identified. This involves having discovery sessions to understand the business operating model to discuss and establish which KPIs need to be impacted. We also check baseline levels for future reference and improvement, along with the transformation.

02. Analyse

The data gathered in the assessment phase is analysed to identify industry bottlenecks, as well as research and benchmark industry standards. From this data, we propose and brainstorm potential solutions with our client team which helps us ascertain the potential for introducing digital technologies, from which change management measures can be introduced.

03. Act

Following assessment and analysis, we present a final solution and implement a plan that is discussed and aligned so that change management can shift to a higher gear. If needed, digital and technology teams can be brought in for implementation.

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