Business Technology

We bring business owners and technology experts closer together to redesign business processes and customer experience journeys. We build new capabilities and redefine roles and responsibilities to prosper in a rapidly shifting digital landscape.

Business technology presents an opportunity to scale a business model manifold and reach customers who increasingly want an “on-demand” experience. Gone are the days, when technology and IT teams were a simple enabling function supporting the organisation. The most successful businesses are transforming their industries by pivoting into a technology-first approach, no matter which vertical they are part of.

Bold bets are needed to ensure companies are ahead of competitors in this ever-changing business landscape. With this context in mind, companies must view every business challenge with a technology lens, review existing processes ready to be digitally transformed, and transform their IT teams into profit centres rather than mere supporting functions.

With the Metyis business technology team, we leverage a group of experts who work at the intersection of Business and Technology. They are business and technology analysts, technology project managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, et al. These modern-day skill sets are essential to bridging the gap between business and core technical teams.

Business TechnologySolutions

At Metyis, we help companies envision their digital future, help create a digital and technology roadmap, and walk with them through this transformative journey.

Technology Strategy

Our business technology team is built to tackle questions corporate organizations seek to answer, such as: how to modernize their IT landscapes; how to transform their IT organizations; how to support businesses with their digital initiatives; and how to keep up with industry best practices. We also help conduct assessments for a transition to the Cloud, as well as upgrade legacy ERP and business applications.

Technology Transformation Support

We have managed several end-to-end technology implementations and ensured success within the constraints of cost and time. Technology projects require a level of comfort where business and technology intersect. The Project Management team interacts with the business team, vendors, technical team, and others in order to complete the project.

Technology Vendor and Product Selection

With the proliferation of technology companies and products, it is often difficult to understand which of the many options is the right fit. We help companies make the right decision by independently assessing the various options in line with the application landscape. We also ensure that the product/vendor selected conforms with the privacy, GDPR, and other regulations from a compliance perspective.

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