Data Engineering

Enabling the implementation of an infrastructure that translates insights and science into a data product, for companies seeking a data-driven culture.

Data engineering is one of the key disciplines in the data analytics process that helps bring value to modern business. It fills the data gap between opportunity and value in data-driven solution development.

Engineers are key to the team, as they are responsible not only for data delivery but also for its quality, performance, insights, and engagement of the data-driven culture and ways of working into the whole development process.

Data EngineeringSolutions

With the help of the best software development practices and an analytical and business-oriented mindset, our data engineers translate insights and science into a data product.

Data Platforms and Infrastructure

At Metyis, we take on the design and development of the data landscape and deliver data products with their engagement. Data architecture implementation can come in the form of a data warehouse, data lake, lakehouse, data hub, or data mesh. This includes the migration of all data-related services into the main cloud providers.

Data Integration and Delivery

This includes the development and maintenance of data pipelines and data ingestion frameworks. We take on the implementation and maintenance of data models with the integration of data sources into the company landscape.

Data Governance

We fully implement the data lifecycle. We aim for data quality with the development and automation of testing processes. Pseudo/Anonymisation, masking and other data protection processes are also implemented. We use a data catalogue and data dictionary building, all whilst considering GDPR-related activities.

Data Analytics

Our approach includes data activities leadership, data insights, self-service analytics and data quality monitoring.


For the data infrastructure, we implement cloud and network security. We manage role, policy, and attributed-based access control. We monitor data exploration, consumption, and sharing processes with full data product security.

Development Methodologies

We implement project and product management practices, along with a software development culture. We engage the data-driven culture and process automation whilst building sustainable and cross-functional data teams.

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