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An immersive learning programme for professional development. We create future leaders in the data-driven age and deliver prowess throughout our partners' companies.

The Metyis Academy is a core pillar of Metyis’ strategy of strengthening the delivery prowess throughout our partners' companies.

We specialise in unlocking potential with a dynamic curriculum encompassing Strategy Management, Data & Digital transformation, and Leadership development. This immersive learning programme invests in guiding personal and professional development, offering seminars with leading industry experts and CEOs, visiting start-ups, and facilitating partnerships with universities and businesses. We create future leaders in the data-driven age by sharing our knowledge and expertise.

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Academy Foundation Courses
Foundation Courses

Foundation courses to develop core skills covering Problem-Solving, Strategy Management, Personal Development, Digital Transformation, Data Science and Engineering.

Group 7140
Technical Training

This training addresses your day-to-day work as a professional, focusing on core functional skills, project management and personal development. Technical training caters to different skill sets in Strategy & Execution, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Data Engineering and Technology.

Group 7137
Personal and Leadership Development

This training programme is designed to build on skill sets that cover personal development, leadership and management skills.

Data Training & Developmentapproach

Immersive Delivery

Our courses are interactive and immersive to improve the learning experience. We use interactive use cases to provide first-hand experience of working with real business challenges.

External View

The training experience will bring an external view to provide a broader perspective. We incorporate external visits to technology leaders and innovation labs to get a first-hand, outside-in experience.

Gamified Case Studies

We follow the digital and gamified case-study method promoting teamwork, triggering creative ideas for your business, and aiding with the retention of key topics.

We cater to


Training for senior executives interested in driving change within their business or domain.

Functional Leaders

Training for leaders who are keen on gaining the perspective and expertise necessary to bring and drive the necessary change through innovation, digitalisation, and analytics.

Business Practitioners

Training for professionals who want to develop themselves further and expand their capabilities and skill sets in their respective domains, as well as personal development.

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Data Science
Data Engineering
Business Technology
Business Process Transformation
Data Visualisation
Internet of Things
Data Training & Development