Data Visualisation

Building useful, insightful and trustworthy business dashboards for intuitive interpretation and better decision-making.

Visualisation is a crucial part of the data and analytics journey. It is a component that helps businesses make sense of a large volume and variety of data.

Data is everywhere and the amount of data is doubling every two years. To stay ahead, companies benefit from staying informed almost immediately with the most reliable information from the most reliable source.

Data visualisation helps make sense of this vast volume of structured or unstructured data coming from a variety of sources. Visualisation makes data more intuitive to interpret in a visually appealing way and helps unearth hard-to-find insights.

Data VisualisationApproach

Metyis has extensive experience in executive data visualisation projects. Our engineers streamline the entire process by building automated pipelines to make BI self-sustaining.

As important as it is to develop unified data and support the pipeline, it is equally important to work with the business to understand the questions or challenges they face. We work closely with the business to make useful, insightful, and trustworthy dashboards.

We also understand the challenge that companies often face is the adoption of these dashboards. To make sure data-driven analytics is a success, we guarantee proper training, the right visualisation, and business collaboration throughout the whole process.

Data VisualisationSolutions

It is crucial to structure and harmonise data coming from various sources at different frequencies. At Metyis we have extensive experience in executive data visualisation projects with two core solutions.

Enterprise-wide automated dashboards

Different departments across the organisation, such as marketing, sales, pricing, eCommerce, finance, operations, and HR work to design and develop dashboards which help them derive business insights easily. The development includes working with the IT department to assess the availability of required data and develop either a reporting layer or an entire data platform.

Data science solutions

Our teams work with business stakeholders from various departments to design dashboards which help visualise complex results of advanced data science and machine learning models in a visually appealing and intuitive way. These reports are developed keeping in mind the restricted user access and accessibility via multiple device types.

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