Design Studio

Design-native experts and creatives with the potential to create experiences that boost the value of any product or service.

At Metyis, we see Design as much more than just an add-on to a product or service. To us, it is an integral part of how we operate. From allowing us to create the best products and experiences for our business partners’ customers, to finding new ways to utilise or visualise data to empower the most meaningful strategies. Design is both a driver and an enabler of impact throughout Metyis.

That is why we built our fully-fledged global design studio: MDS. A design-native ecosystem where creatives and innovators can explore their full potential. Our multi-disciplinary team of Design Strategists, Digital Product Designers, Communication and Motion Graphics Designers, and Marketing and Content Specialists, deploy their expertise across a variety of industries.

Design StudioApproach

We take a deep dive into clients’ operations to identify bottlenecks and growth opportunities while incorporating design processes and design thinking to strengthen quality and consistency.

By working in close collaboration with Metyis’ strategists, digital, data, and eCommerce specialists we are creating a seamless connection between traditional and digital; between idea and product; between information and communication.

With a holistic approach and a multi-disciplinary team of specialised individuals, we deploy agile units that can design, build, ship, scale, and revitalise our business partners’ visions to bring long-lasting impact.

Design Strategy

A strong brand is grounded on consistency and meaningfulness. A coherent design strategy builds the structural foundation where innovation and disruption take place in a sustained and scalable way. By working alongside clients as their partners and by taking a hands-on role both in strategy and execution, MDS implements sustainable long-term plans.

Digital User Experience

We embrace challenges with dedicated teams developing end-to-end experiences which are tailor-made to the preferences of each user to maximize engagement, conversion and positive impact on our business partners. We leverage the power of data and information by working hand-in-hand with our top strategists to meet and excel in our partner's business goals without ever putting aside customer-centricity.


We believe in making design decisions based on actionable insights. Our designers are cultural innovators who use a wide range of tools to strategically inform, persuade, and entertain. They develop messages as authors and entrepreneurs engaged in identifying and solving design problems.

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