Is your digital business ready to scale?

The Digital Commerce Readiness Assessment is the solution you need to evaluate your company’s digital readiness in a holistic and end-to-end manner, taking your business to the next step into the digital realm.

Digital commerce is experiencing unprecedented growth, and you don’t want to stay behind. It has transcended geographical borders and industries, becoming a driving force for innovation and change for businesses all around the world. Despite potential economic downturn and ongoing geopolitical instabilities, the global eCommerce market is projected to grow +79% between 2023 and 2029*.

The growth is evident across all regions. While Europe and the U.S. are showing comparable growth numbers, eCommerce in Asia is expected to outperform the market with +85% growth between 2023 and 2029**. Now, in an era defined by innovation and competition, staying ahead of the curve requires a comprehensive understanding your companies’ digital maturity.

* eCommerce - Worldwide | Statista Market Forecast
** eCommerce - Asia | Statista Market Forecast

Struggling to find the rightDigital Commerce solution?

Accelerating digital commerce requires a comprehensive approach and the know-how to deliver. The Digital Commerce Readiness Assessment will unlock the answers you need for the challenges that come across your growth strategy. 

What initiatives will drive the most value to scale up my digital commerce? 

How can I grow my digital commerce sales without cannibalising my retail or wholesale business?

How can I leverage digital commerce to strengthen my omnichannel proposition?

How can I make my digital commerce growth more sustainable by increasing operating margins? 

Step up your company’s level of maturity

The most powerful way to get started on your digital commerce journey is to understand your companies’ current level of digital maturity. With the Digital Commerce Readiness Assessment, you will get to know how equipped and ready your business is.

Take an end-to-end approach 
Digital commerce spans beyond just building digital commerce capabilities. Companies need to be organised in a holistic and end-to-end manner to be able to scale and accelerate their digital growth.
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Create clear channel strategies 
To optimise customer experience, understanding customer segments and their preferences across channels is crucial to avoid cannibalisation and loss of sales.
Integrate data intelligence 
Leveraging analytics and insights will effectively optimise business performance. Insufficient understanding of data makes companies unable to make the right decisions, leading to missed opportunities in the digital realm. 
Leverage the right technologies
Managing and integrating diverse technologies such as eCommerce platforms, CRM, ERP, and third-party APIs can be complex and resource intensive, but you can’t dismiss them.

Get a clear view onyour ability to scale

Understand where you are

To truly understand your company's position in the digital commerce landscape, it is imperative to gain deep insights into your company's effectiveness and operational efficiency. This requires a comprehensive analysis of how well your organisation is structured in terms of digital maturity, especially when compared to your key competitors. By having a thorough understanding of your current position, you can identify areas of strength and weakness, allowing for informed strategic decision-making and targeted improvements.

Understand what to improve

To understand what needs to be improved, it is crucial to evaluate the nine building blocks of the DCRA framework. These building blocks encompass various aspects, which are captured in five value drivers and four enablers, as detailed further on the page below[TO1] . Assessing each block in detail enables you to pinpoint areas that require improvement or realignment.

Understand where the value is

Beyond merely assessing where you stand and identifying the areas for improvement, it is essential to discern where the true value lies within your digital commerce capabilities. This entails a holistic examination of your organisation's strengths, weaknesses, and strategic opportunities. This strategic focus enables you to identify initiatives that promise the highest return on investment and long-term value for your company.

Learn more about the 9 building blocks that will give you 360° insights

One size fits allwon’t fit you!

At Metyis, we understand that every business is unique and that its challenges, opportunities, and ambitions are just as unique, which puts them on different milestones on the digital commerce journey.

We translate this understanding by combining our expertise in data, technology, strategy, and execution to create a sustained impact for our clients through a distinctive partnership approach. 

With our experience in a broad range of geographies and industries, we have successfully helped clients adapt to new channel preferences and be successful in digital commerce. By facing many challenges of digital commerce themselves for more than ten years, our digital commerce leaders have learned what it takes to navigate them and eventually drive success for organisations. 

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