Generative AI

At Metyis, we deploy our long and deep Generative AI expertise from strategy and execution to help businesses elevate service levels, increase efficiency, minimise overheads, and enhance customer experiences across all functions.

GenAI, a subset of artificial intelligence, leverages machine learning to create new content, is growing at such a rapid pace that it would have evolved before you’re done reading this.  

Bloomberg Intelligence reports that in the next 10 years, that is by 2032, the GenAI market is poised to explode, growing to $1.3 trillion from a market size of just $40 billion in 2022. That being said, the recent breakthrough in the field of GenAI is multiplying the magnitude of opportunities it can deliver to a wide range of businesses, no matter their size, nature, model, and geography.  

GenAI is transforming the way content is created and data is interpreted, organised, and augmented to streamline decision-making.

Change is underwayAre you ready?

GenAI represents a groundbreaking leap in the digital transformation landscape. Its ability to understand, analyse, and predict patterns in vast and complex datasets opens new frontiers of innovation and efficiency for organisations.

The transformation will not just introduce new ways of working, but it will also revolutionise the way we think, interact, create, and function, essentially changing the future as we know it.  

Businesses that emerge successful will be the ones that champion the change by revolutionising customer experiences, enhancing decision-making, and optimising operations in an agile manner. Yours could be one of those businesses.

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A world of possibilities:GenAI applications for your business

The rapid evolution of Gen AI is expanding its scope of applications, creating substantial opportunities for orgnanisations to achieve tangible and positive results across various facets of their business operations, such as:
Business Intelligence and reporting
Optimises decision-making, labour costs, insights, performance management, revenue, and cost savings of up to 30%.
Commercial advising
Improves sales efficiency, product knowledge, customer satisfaction, sales force effectiveness, and conversion rates.
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Personalised customer engagement
Elevates brand loyalty, conversion rates, customer experience, and sales.
Targeted marketing campaigns
Facilitates better return on investment, customer acquisition, and profits.
New service design
Increases customer retention, user satisfaction, and revenue.
New product design
Assists in ideation and market research for new product innovations.
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Software development
Improves bug-fixing time, product quality, cost savings, and time-to-market.
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Professional productivity
Boosts decision-making capabilities, overall productivity, information flow, and time savings.
Data quality
Creates better and more reliable datasets as a foundation for reporting, analytics, and AI operations.
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Learning and Development Academy
Enhances employee skills and knowledge to improve productivity, reduces training costs, and aids better decision-making.

Our GenAI approach:it’s integrated!

At Metyis, we combine our deep big data expertise, advanced technological capabilities, and extensive geo footprint to help you put Gen AI through multiple applications for your business in a connected way.

Our integrated partnership approach ensures that every stage of Gen AI adoption, from strategy to execution, is implemented in the most seamless manner so that you can focus more on what matters to you the most – your core business.

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Our demonstrated experience with GenAI

We have empowered clients across multiple industries embark on their digital transformation goals by seamlessly integrating GenAI into their business ecosystems to help them tackle their unique challenges and deliver tangible long-term results. Here are a few examples.

Enhanced creativity

Increased the breadth of ideas going into the funnel to drive better design, and prototyping and shortened time-to-market for innovation by 2-3x.

Improved customer experience

Realised a step-change in personalisation and engaging with millions of customers in their own language in their own context.

Increased productivity

Developed proprietary tools to provide access to customers’ knowledge base and enhanced the professional productivity of their advisors.

Accelerated research and development

Created tailored learning environments that assisted personal learning journeys through an adaptive non-linear approach and lowered production costs by 80%.

Leveraged intelligent decision-making

Reduced overall costs to produce reports by 30% through improved performance management, better diagnostics, and more forward-looking insights.

Increased marketing effectiveness

Achieved a 2-3x higher campaign effectiveness, doubling down on the elements that delivered traction in campaign execution.  

Put GenAI to workwith the right partnership

GenAI has the potential to deliver significant short and long-term results if adopted efficiently into your business model. To unlock it, you need to partner with a team that understands the relationship between business, strategy, technology, and execution at an intricate level.

At Metyis, we have empowered clients across different industries to seize breakthrough moments in technology to create a sustained business impact on a global scale. 

We have assisted industry leaders in developing and implementing their initial GenAI applications successfully, while also playing a key role in developing strategies for them. This has resulted in not only a rapid return on investment for our partners but also a broader data and system landscape, enhancing their internal analytics capabilities. 

We’re ready to give you a walkthrough of how our integrated GenAI approach can add significant value to every function of your business. 

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