Being surrounded by a diverse group of people has the power to make individuals more flexible, open, curious, and accepting of one another.

When we bring multiculturality into business, we automatically enable creativity and innovation, which helps companies stand out in a competitive market.

Small everyday actions that foster a culturally diverse workplace have a significant impact on making people feel valued, respected, and comfortable being themselves inside and outside of the office.

At Metyis, we have 40 different nationalities among our teams, so multiculturality is at the heart of our purpose, values, and development. And we want our people to feel they can bring their true selves to work, which includes their own cultural heritage.

“Thanks to a multicultural and receptive work environment, I am more flexible, accepting, and committed to cooperating.”

- Yoonjeong Kim, eCommerce Leader

Culturally diverse teams as enablers of growth across locations and projects

Having a diverse culture inside a global workspace can bring fresh perspectives to everyone’s work as it helps develop creative solutions by virtue of open discussions. When it comes to everyday work life, it is interesting to find out what similarities and differences occur across nationalities.
Different nationalities, study backgrounds or roles within organisations may lead to the perception that there is no common ground between people. However, as people connect, similarities and shared interests can always arise. That is why we believe it is valuable to pursue personal and team discussions about the way we work, taking everyone’s perspectives and preferences into consideration, including personal development goals, ways of giving feedback to each other, and ways of approaching a task.

“Being part of a multicultural company offers me opportunities for personal growth because my colleagues and I constantly challenge our beliefs about how things should be done.”

- Lucas Trumpler, Strategy & Execution Analyst

Having a diverse culture across offices also helps the personal development of our employees. It allows our teams to grow surrounded by different points of view which can help them step outside their comfort zone and own scope of ideas.

Learning new things can give a sense of discomfort. However, when imagining only working with people who think, look, and act the same, the space to learn and grow can become limited.

Working in a culturally diverse team can give a sense of a person’s strengths and the elements they need and want to develop. It also shows people that others will help them grow and overcome challenges beyond what they could ever imagine.

That is what a culturally diverse team can do for each other.

Cultural diversity: a clear advantage from a business perspective 

To be a frontrunner in the rapidly changing global markets, companies need to lead instead of simply responding to changes, trends, and opportunities. Cultural diversity plays a key role when it comes to innovation and creativity, which are key elements if you are striving for a competitive advantage in the market.

Understanding different perspectives can be crucial for every business, both internally and externally, since it ensures the development of products and services that are holistically created to be relevant and help brands attract their target audience.  

Therefore, cultural diversity is an important driver when it comes to understanding market dynamics, more specifically clients, candidates and employees interacting with the brand, products, and services.

“Multicultural discussions provide value for our projects and clients too. Creative and effective solutions are often a product of discussions among diverse people – something you will find daily at Metyis. In such discussions, my cultural heritage allows me to make an impact as well.”

- Lucas Trumpler, Strategy & Execution Analyst

Innovation and creativity are seen as key enablers to creating impact. However, organisations also need to understand how critical it is to get innovations and ideas implemented. To ensure their market position, businesses are constantly searching for and developing new ways of retaining the best talent. Cultural diversity contributes to a working environment that empowers people to develop their full potential and helps others do the same. Therefore, it is an important pillar in attracting talent as it also shows effects on the retention of candidates once they turn into employees. Achieving business ambitions with a productive, happy, and inspiring team is what we strive for! 

Bringing cultural diversity to broader society can help pave the way to equality

Metyis is aware that multiculturality involves way more than just having several different people. It comes down to having a team of people with diverse cultural heritages who feel valued and respected. This goes beyond inclusion, it entails enabling people to take charge of their own lives, meeting their needs and interests, and having their efforts recognised and rewarded with new chances.

This starts by establishing trust in a workplace where people feel free to express themselves, no matter their nationality. This results in taking tangible steps to eliminate prejudice, which can limit employees' capacity to succeed. We value a diverse range of styles and perspectives, and we encourage open dialogue on employees' experiences. 

As a result, we foster the development of an environment with individuals who are aware of cultural differences and can detect when others need assistance or do not feel comfortable contributing or having their views heard, both inside and outside the company.  

“My cultural heritage as a Malaysian-born Indian enables me to focus on people’s needs first. This helps me empathize with my colleagues and clients, which ultimately allows me to understand the problem they are facing and how to help them. I feel very fortunate and proud to be part of such a diverse and multicultural team at Metyis. Together we can combine all our unique experiences, learn from each other, and enable each other to make a positive difference for ourselves as well as for others.”

- Mark Appaduray, Data Science Associate

With a culturally diverse group of people, we want to incentivise individuals who are eager to learn from other viewpoints, cultures, and voices; who understand the importance of bringing people together regardless of their religious or ethnic identity; and who have an intrinsic desire to assist others in challenging situations.  

Ultimately, individuals become advocates in society since they are able to bring what they have learned in the workplace to their everyday life. At Metyis, we hope to inspire our colleagues and clients to be ambassadors of diversity. 

The authors behind the article

Estelle Muys and Sylvia Freelink are both Strategy & Execution Associates from our Amsterdam office, along with Strategy & Execution Intern Coen Tutein Nolthenius. With contributions from the Metyis Global HR Team.