Akshay Singh, Data Science Principal in the Amsterdam office, tells us about his passion, learnings, and applications in the field of Data Science.

Meet Akshay Singh, Data Science Principal in Amsterdam

Finding joy in travelling, music, gaming, and feeling at home in Amsterdam

I hail from Delhi, India, and have resided in various cities since my childhood, gaining diverse experiences and perspectives along the way. Having relocated to Amsterdam 5 years ago, I have found profound satisfaction in my decision and embraced the city wholeheartedly. My experience here has been characterised by an appreciation for the city's distinct charm, vibrant atmosphere, diverse populace, and rich cultural tapestry, not to mention the characteristic grey weather that adds a unique dimension to the ambiance.

Embracing a trifecta of passions that invigorate my daily life, my love for walking (or sense of traveling), Music, and PS5 gaming weave together to create a narrative uniquely my own.

Each step I take, whether exploring the city streets or traversing nature's trails, reflects my passion for walking. Each stride is a deliberate act of mindfulness, a journey where I find solace and inspiration. On the other hand, music is a universal language that resonates with the very core of my being and elevates each moment with the melody.

A quiet passion ignites: turning theory into practice in the world of data science

Navigating my professional journey through an engineering background, I found a natural affinity for mathematics and the manipulation of equations and numbers.

More than a decade ago, data science was not a prevalent field, but as I delved into the practical applications of theoretical concepts in everyday scenarios for instance prediction or optimisation algorithms, a profound intrigue for data science blossomed. Witnessing the transformative power of translating theories into tangible, real-world solutions fuelled my passion for this dynamic and evolving field.

From my perspective, data science serves as a key that unlocks limitless possibilities within the vast digital cosmos. Hence, I am particularly enthralled by the continuous evolution of the digital ecosystem, seamlessly intertwining with our physical world.

Culture, talent, opportunities, and vision – what drew me into Metyis

In all honesty, my decision to join Metyis in 2018 was initially impulsive, driven by a desire to explore new horizons of consulting. However, after my interactions with Metyis senior partners and upon integrating with the organisation, I discovered a rich culture and encountered exceptionally talented individuals who collectively contribute to our shared growth and a common vision of creating impact.

My tenure at Metyis has been marked by life-long memorable experiences, including exceptional celebrations in Mallorca to global events in Porto on our Campus, and gatherings that underscore the sense of camaraderie within the company. These events have not only fostered a positive work environment but have also become a testament to the close-knit family we've cultivated.

Metyis, for me, has yielded invaluable opportunities to engage with a diverse portfolio of businesses, both culturally and professionally, on a global scale. This exposure has not only broadened my understanding of different industries but has also provided a platform for professional development and collaboration.

In essence, my journey with Metyis has transcended the impulsive nature of its inception, evolving into a rewarding experience marked by personal and professional growth. I look forward to continuing this journey and contributing to the collective success of our dynamic and thriving organisation.

Setting our customers up for success with a positive and measurable impact

In my present position at Metyis as Data Science Principal, I undertake diverse responsibilities and fulfil various roles. Starting with, empowering our partners/clients to transform and grow their digital business by integrating analytics and technological solutions.

My focus is harnessing the power of data to drive key and informed decisions for business, resulting in a positive and measurable impact. Through advanced analytics, machine learning, and data-driven insights, I guide organisations in optimising processes, identifying growth opportunities, and mitigating risks.

By translating complex data into actionable intelligence, I empower organisations to make strategic choices, fostering a culture of informed decision-making. I aim to not only enhance operational efficiency but also to strategically position partners/clients for sustained success in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Turning digitalisation challenges into opportunities for professional and personal growth

As individuals, we tend to depict our professional journey and perceive daily challenges uniquely. If posed with this question in the past, my response would have centered on the deficiency in digitalisation within organizations and the imperative to comprehend its necessity and consequential impact.

But following the COVID-19 pandemic, we have transitioned into the digital era, with many organisations recognising and acknowledging the significance of digitalisation and data to stay ahead of the curve. But unfortunately, while running in this race, organisations tend to inherit inefficiencies and functional isolation in the process.

So, in my opinion, one of the interesting challenges that I have experienced so far is the proper identification, centralisation & adoption of information. That’s where Metyis helps our partners and clients not just to create data or technological solutions, but to deploy them in an effective way for better adoption.

These challenges doubling as opportunities help me hone my management or leadership skills and strategic thinking for prioritisation of impactful projects.

From developing trend forecasting to on-site merchandising, the journey has been truly exciting

I have been on a frontier to invest in developing the trend forecasting concept (True demand solution) which leverages AI and the idea of integrating diverse sources of information for enhancing demand forecasting for better assortment or inventory planning, adding significant value to business along with positive impact towards sustainability.

Another sophisticated yet simple project that we have tested and deployed successfully for our partners and clients is a strategic way of trading the on-site merchandising, especially relevant for eCommerce business, by combining the consumer digital footprints with business inputs on digital trading.

There is a long list of data science projects with which we have been setting the trend, either by gaining exceptional efficiency with predictions or by implementing state of art solutions like GA4 migration. These projects have been truly insightful, exciting, and a learning experience for me.

Understanding that making a true impact is impossible without collaboration

I strongly feel that collaboration makes any project implementation timely and successful. In day-to-day work life, I interact with stakeholders at various levels which provides a holistic perspective on the organisational structure and its dynamics.

It offers insight into various functional areas, allowing for a deeper understanding of business technologies. It also cultivates a network of professionals with varied skill sets, fostering a supportive community for continuous learning and development. It also helps me broaden my skills, expertise, and approach to problem-solving, and fosters a positive environment where knowledge exchange becomes a two-way street, enabling mutual growth and development.

To provide an example of this, a simple thing like having a brainstorming session with our team, involving the relevant stakeholders gives us all an understanding of the challenges and goals of different departments, helping us navigate the complexities of the business landscape comprehensively.

Embracing curiosity to grow in the dynamic field of data and analytics

I won't delve into specific technical or professional skill sets in this context, as Metyis provides a dedicated forum for open discussions where individuals can seek assistance and guidance to achieve their goals. My advice to colleagues and newcomers is simple yet impactful: Stay curious!

Curiosity is a driving force in data and analytics. Stay curious about problem-solving, data trends, emerging technologies, and how data can be leveraged to solve new and existing challenges. Remember, the field of data and analytics is dynamic and constantly evolving. Embrace a mindset of continuous learning and adaptability to thrive in this exciting and rapidly changing landscape.