Our SEO Manager at the HUGO BOSS Digital Campus in Porto, Aline Rossi, takes us back to her journey into the world of SEO and shares her ideas on how new learnings in a diverse, multicultural workspace helps her discover interesting possibilities that pave paths to the future.

Meet Aline Rossi, our SEO Manager at the HUGO BOSS Digital Campus in Porto.

The metamorphosis

I was born in the hottest city of Brazil, Cuiabá, capital of the state of Mato Grosso. My life has always been influenced by literature and a passionate interest in language studies, which brought me to Portugal in 2011 for an exchange program during my undergraduate studies in Linguistics and Literature. What I didn’t know back then was that this experience would change my life forever and open new worlds to me, eventually leading me to marketing and to Metyis.


Elementary, my dear SEO!

While some friends dreamed of being astronauts or veterinarians, being a notable bookworm, what I wanted to be when I grew up was Sherlock Holmes. I wanted to unravel mysteries and answer seemingly unsolvable questions through keen and meticulous investigation. Though I don't wear a beret or carry a pipe in my pockets, I believe that SEO has allowed me to be the Sherlock of websites!​​​​​​​


The odyssey to Metyis

My relationship with language and literature led me to work with publishing houses and later delve into Copywriting and Content Marketing. That's when I discovered SEO and decided to dedicate myself to studying this field in depth. Initially, I worked in agencies with clients of different sizes: from gigantic multinational corporations to local family-owned businesses. With big experiences comes big responsibilities, and soon I began working as an in-house SEO manager, managing website optimisation strategies for international B2B and B2C companies. Naturally, my journey provided me with a wealth of knowledge in international and multilingual SEO. Metyis presented me with a new challenge in the eCommerce industry, which I was eager to delve into, and that was the icing on the cake.

A journey to the center of the websites

Currently, I’m working as the SEO Manager on the HUGO BOSS Digital Campus (HBDC) in Porto. In short, I develop, implement, and manage strategies to enhance organic brand visibility in search engines and to increase organic traffic and revenue. I do this by working collaboratively with various departments, such as Development, UX, Design, Business Analytics, Merchandising, and Data Analytics, to name a few.

The fellowship of diversity and dynamism

One of the things I love about Metyis and the HBDC is the diversity and multidisciplinary setup. The international environment with people from different countries and professional backgrounds, enriches and lightens our daily work. Knowing that we can always exchange ideas with colleagues who have different perspectives on absolutely any topic is amazing. Additionally, there is always sharing of ideas and information, training, and I have never heard the words "this is not possible" or "we don't do that here" when I bring a new idea to the table. And, of course, there is always an opportunity to arrange a day out for drinks, games, or sports.  

A brave new world 

I’ve talked about the past and the present, now let’s talk about the future. The best part about working in such a diverse and multidisciplinary environment, where we are constantly exchanging ideas with each other, learning, and continuously finding out new projects is that it not only helps us to gradually pave our own future, but also enables the discovery of new possibilities that we may not have even considered before – as, often, we didn't even know they existed. And this is very exciting and promising when we think about our future as individuals, as professionals, and our future within the company.

SEO adventures in fashionland 

Being an SEO Manager at the HUGO BOSS Digital Campus (HBDC) has been a real adventure. I've been working on SEO for nearly a decade now, but HBDC has allowed me to explore the dynamic world of eCommerce and fashion at a very different scale, which opens doors to also think and act SEO in different ways, exploring different perspectives. It's all about integrating it into an organisational culture with a holistic and multidisciplinary approach.

Sapiens, not Frankenstein 

Taking SEO seriously and establishing a culture of experimentation and data-driven decision-making means constantly adapting and evolving, since SEO changes constantly. This not only allows the website to perform better and boost the company's revenue, but also allows the company to establish a process and cultivate its legacy. We don't want to be Frankensteins: isolated experts creating, on our own, a weird patched-product, putting together pieces that don't fit, and then leaving it as a monster on the loose. We want to be Sapiens: evolving together through coordination.