Let’s hear from Alvaro, our Amsterdam-based business controller, about his passion for finance and penchant for global collaboration to make an impact.

Meet Alvaro Robledano Ojeda, business controller in Amsterdam.

Could you tell us a little bit about your background?

I was born in Huelva, a southern Spanish city that shares its borders with Portugal. It is among the European cities that enjoy the highest amount of sunshine. The place is characterised by a high quality of life, warm-hearted locals, and a mere ten-minute drive to the beach, or an hour's journey to the mountains.

This, coupled with the region's exceptional cuisine and wines, created a beautiful environment for my formative years—one that I am always delighted to revisit. The city is popular for being the birthplace of the oldest Spanish football club, "Recreativo de Huelva," which I still support from afar.

I pursued a finance degree at the University of Granada. Living in a prominent Erasmus destination fueled my interactions with a diverse international group of people, awakening a desire for international experiences. This inclination prompted me to seek an internship in Amsterdam nearly seven years ago. Since then, I haven’t looked back. I've cherished my life in the Netherlands, currently employed at Metyis. My interests encompass football, padel, history, and cooking.

What first sparked your interest in the world of finance?

I grew up when the world economy was changing a lot because of the 2008 crisis. During that time, I saw how important good financial management is for companies. Also, my dad worked in finance, and these two things together got me interested in the industry.

I really like working with numbers. When I start, I can stay focused for a long time. But what I find most interesting is not just doing the math; it's figuring out what the numbers mean and giving advice based on that. That's what I enjoy the most. 

How did your work experience lead you to Metyis?

In the past few years, I worked for financial services companies, managing a portfolio of clients. However, I reached a point where I wanted to specialise in a specific function within an organisation and be part of a more dynamic environment where I could make a more significant impact. Enter Metyis!

After a year and a half with Metyis, it's evident that the career switch was perfectly timed, and I find great satisfaction in my current role. What sets Metyis apart is the range of opportunities it provides. There always seems to be room for me to broaden my horizons.

Can you describe your role at Metyis, and what you enjoy about it?

I work at the crossroads of finance and management, focusing on aligning the company's financial goals with its operational activities. In my role as a business controller, I possess a commercial mindset and utilise analytical skills to support crucial management decisions, thereby enhancing overall business performance and resource optimisation.

My responsibilities include overseeing intragroup services, and I find great satisfaction in working on a global scale and collaborating with people from all countries within the Metyis group. This global perspective provides me with a comprehensive understanding of the business, which I always find to be enjoyable and insightful.

How does your team’s outlook on finance empower you to make an impact?

In our team, we strongly affirm that finance serves as the lifeblood of business expansion. Whether substantial or minor, every financial decision sends ripples throughout the entire organisation.

Furthermore, our financial insights function as a guiding compass for decision-makers. By delivering precise and timely financial information, we equip our colleagues to make well-informed decisions, directly influencing the overall success of the business.

What excites me most about my future here at Metyis is the chance to make a meaningful impact and grow alongside the company. It's a fantastic environment to propel my financial career forward.