In this edition of One ethos, One culture, Annejet ter Kulve, a Strategy & Execution Analyst at our Amsterdam office, reveals which factors of working with Metyis make a big difference and how consultancy is a perfect fit for those with eclectic interests.

Meet Annejet, a Strategy & Execution Analyst in Amsterdam

​​​​​​​Tell us more about yourself.

I'm Dutch but spent over ten years of my youth living abroad. I love the outdoors and exploring new places with friends and family. I'm a very active person who enjoys running, kitesurfing and skiing.

What did you want to be growing up?

During my university degree, I started seriously considering consultancy; as a very enthusiastic person with an interest in a wide variety of topics, it naturally appealed to me, given that working in consultancy allows you to explore just about anything and everything across a wide range of sectors.

What was your path to Metyis?

Undeniably, my first job had a massive impact on where I am today; I was working for an online recruitment company, and I began realising the importance of digital as well as the significance of being at the forefront of where it all happens. Now aware that I needed to expand my backend understanding of data topics, I refocused my studies and proceeding internships around data science & analytics.

What is your current role at Metyis, and how did you get here?

My current position at Metyis is Strategic Analyst. The role differs from project to project but ultimately involves creating an impact for our clients; this can be in the form of developing high-level strategies, which entails defining a company's direction and qualifying why it is the right course of action. My technical background often places me in data-centric projects.

What small things about working at Metyis make a big difference?

It's not such a small thing, but our people and communities make a big difference; at Metyis, there is considerable importance attributed to ensuring team members feel valued and welcome. This amicability permeates the whole company, fostering an open and conducive working environment where we all feel empowered to go above and beyond. There are many externally organised team-building activities such as Padel, ice-skating and hockey. We recently held a large-scale ping pong tournament; it's a fun way to connect with people you don't have direct contact with on projects.

If there is one word you could use to describe your experience with Metyis, what would it be and why?

Exciting. Apart from interesting work, steep learning opportunities and fun colleagues, Metyis has a unique approach which definitively changes how consultants and clients collaborate. For me, this was a primary reason to join Metyis.

How do Metyis and your team inspire you to be a better professional?

Metyis gives you the flexibility and courage to try anything you want – from social activities to changing internal processes to exploring new fields of work. My colleagues inspire me as they leverage these opportunities and do amazing things outside their client and project-based work.

What are you most excited about for a future at Metyis?

Metyis has an innovative vision and a sincere way of working; this combination permits us to build enduring partnerships with which we create tangible progress and visible difference. It's immensely inspiring to be in such an environment.

Tell us about something you are proud of working with Metyis.

I am incredibly proud of the sustainability practice we are building within Metyis. It encompasses everything we stand for, creating long-lasting impact through data-driven initiatives. It's cool to see us leverage our existing best practices and apply them to this field.