Barbara Suchowiejko-Burgos, Partnership Operations Manager from the Amsterdam office, shares her experience of making an impact with her dual role.

Meet Barbara Suchowiejko-Burgos, Partnership Operations manager in Amsterdam.

From Krakow to Amsterdam, with a pitstop at Portugal in between 

My name is Barbara, Basia for short. I was born and raised in Krakow, Poland. From a young age, I was drawn towards exploring the world and being part of diverse cultures. This passion came to life during my time in Portugal when I was part of the Erasmus programme in my bachelor studies, where I sharpened my language skills and developed a new love for travel. 

After graduating from Jagiellonian University with a degree in socio-cultural animation, I started my professional career in 2013, initially in Finance & Accounting, leveraging my language skills. However, it soon became evident that this path was not aligned with my passions, although it introduced me to wonderful individuals along the way. 

In 2016, I got the opportunity to relocate to Budapest to pursue Human Resources, which marked a turning point in my career. Over the next five years, I worked at a multinational consumer electronics company specialising in fields such as organisational management, customer experience and quality survey programs, and HR soft skills training. 

My journey took another turn when I was assigned to a training project in Bogota, Colombia, where I met my now-husband. His presence inspired me to embrace change and move to Portugal, a decision I made during the Covid-19 pandemic. During my two years there, I experienced some amazing personal milestones, including getting engaged and married in 2022. 

Professionally, my role expanded as I moved into a people management position, leading a team of support engineers catering to Nokia's major enterprise clients. However, my next chapter awaited in the Netherlands, as my husband got a career opportunity there, leading us to call it home. 

In April 2023, a new chapter at Metyis opened up for me. I was fortunate to join a team that aligns with my professional aspirations and personal values, marking the beginning of a fulfilling journey.

The Metyis chapter gave me the opportunity to build a strong partnership and mentor the B2B eCommerce team 

Now as the Partnership Operations Manager at Metyis, I head the collaboration with one of our leading clients in the fashion industry. In this role, I have the opportunity of ensuring seamless communication and nurturing a strong partnership with our client on the ground. 

Simultaneously, I take on the responsibility of leading and mentoring our B2B web-shop e-commerce team, guiding them towards success. This dual role perfectly aligns with my skill set, allowing me to thrive in team leadership and people development. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to utilise my expertise in cultivating and nurturing partner relationships, all while leading operational excellence and fostering growth within my team. 

Since joining Metyis and assuming my role as a Partnership Operations Manager, I've been presented with numerous exciting opportunities to make a positive impact. One of the most rewarding aspects has been fostering a sense of belonging within the Metyis team while strengthening connections with our client's team. 

By organising multiple team-building sessions and a workshop in Porto, I play a crucial role in boosting team culture and engagement. These initiatives have enhanced internal dynamics and built strong relationships with our client, ultimately streamlining daily operations and tackling administrative and financial tasks.

Making an impact would have been impossible without my team’s constant support 

Having a positive attitude and innovative mindset play a big role in nurturing strong relationships and overcoming communication barriers, ultimately enhancing overall team satisfaction. 

For instance, I believe that my team’s collaborative efforts have resulted in positive business impact for our clients. The values that we embrace - approachability, reliability, and availability - along with our deep passion for connecting with people, go a long way in adding value.  

In my view, cultural diversity is key to continuous growth within both teams and organisations. By embracing diverse perspectives and ideas, we not only challenge the status quo but also cultivate a rich environment of learning and collaboration. This diversity of thought ultimately leads us to discover new opportunities and drive the client's business forward. 

At Metyis, I've witnessed the power of proactivity and ownership, where pushing boundaries and launching new projects are actively encouraged. This spirit, along with our internal culture of mutual respect, forms a perfect recipe for success. It not only sets a positive example internally but also showcases our commitment to diversity and inclusion externally, serving as a compelling reason for others to choose to do business with Metyis.

Being part of the Women@Metyis community has been a truly rewarding experience for me 

One of the most exciting and fulfilling initiatives I’ve been involved in is the Women@Metyis community. In my opinion, Metyis excels in fostering an environment that encourages and provides opportunities for employee growth. The organisation offers a multitude of internal initiatives aimed at personal and professional development, allowing individuals to explore various avenues for advancement. 

Personally, I have actively engaged with the Women@Metyis community, where I support the mentoring team and contribute to adding value to it. Additionally, I collaborate with colleagues to develop trainings, organise engaging events, and enable greater connection and engagement across different offices. 

This community serves as a safe space where individuals can freely share their ideas, knowing that their voices will be heard, and their proactive contributions valued. By actively participating, employees not only contribute to the organisation's growth but also their own personal development. 

Looking ahead, I believe there are still many compelling topics to explore within the community, and I’m eagerly waiting for further involvement and collaboration in 2024 to continue enriching the workplace experience at Metyis.

My personal values and Metyis’ are well aligned, and that gives me immense satisfaction 

During my time at Metyis, I have discovered that I resonate most deeply with two of Metyis’ values. "Be driven by curiosity and collaboration" and "Build real relationships." These two values strongly reflect my own personal philosophy and approach to work. 

Curiosity and collaboration are important in driving continuous growth within the company. By creating an environment where curiosity is encouraged, we become motivated to challenge existing ideas, embrace new perspectives, and constantly evolve to meet the dynamic needs of our clients. Collaboration amplifies this process, allowing us to use our collective knowledge and skills to achieve shared goals. 

The value of building real relationships is equally important to me. Genuine connections form the foundation of positive workplace culture. By developing authentic relationships with colleagues and clients, we create a supportive ecosystem where mutual trust and respect flourish. These relationships not only enhance our professional endeavours but also contribute to a balanced work-life dynamic, fostering personal well-being and growth.