Introducing Claudio Wyss, a new guest for our One ethos, One culture chronicle. Claudio, our Zurich-based data and analytics manager, shares his greatest motivations, inspirations and proudest moments at Metyis.

Meet Claudio, our data and analytics Manager in Zurich

What can you share with us so we can get to know you better?

Being mixed Swiss and South African, I have a somewhat colourful background. Born and raised in sunny South Africa, I studied industrial engineering. Straight out of university, with a desire to see all industries and solve problems, I became involved in data analytics and consulting. Outside of work, I have developed a passion for the natural world where more often than not, you will find me hiking, camping and exploring the seas, mountains, and plains of almost every country I have visited. My urban hobbies include visiting museums and galleries and finding the ultimate coffee.

What's your main role at Metyis?

Currently, I lead the data analytics team here in Zurich and my role focuses on finding and training talent. I also manage and execute our clients' traditional and advanced analytics use cases. It's an incredibly stimulating environment with no two days being identical.

Can you tell us about your journey to your current role?

With my engineering background, I was well-positioned to be a problem solver and wanted to experience a wide variety of industries and differing situations; consulting seemed to be a natural fit, so I joined one of the big four. Over four and a half years there, I grew and became the firm’s lead data scientist. Highlights of my time there include leading an AI innovation lab, being a product owner of a couple of AI product offerings, training 30-40 juniors and leading key data science projects. My next venture was in Dubai, where I worked for two and a half years for a boutique strategy consultancy focused on Telecommunications. Here I had the opportunity to travel and work on projects worldwide. Some memorable points would be working in Iraq for three and a half months and experiencing cultures from Egypt, Indonesia, KSA and USA. Having travelled extensively, I wanted to explore my Swiss roots, along the way discovering Metyis. I was inspired by the partnership model and the incredible culture. I couldn't help but join.

What's most rewarding about your role as a Manager at Metyis?

Teaching and training are an immense passion; it's incredibly fulfilling to train and grow the data team. One of the most personally rewarding aspects of my role as a manager is developing the key data skills within the Zurich team.

What makes you proud of your team?

Off the bat, the team is full of incredibly skilled people. The working culture is supportive; if we encounter a challenge, there is no finger-pointing. Instead, we naturally band together and reinforce each other's efforts to solve the problem as a team.

​​​​​​​How would you describe Metyis' culture in a few words?

Three aspects summarise the Metyis culture. One is having highly competent and intelligent people. Another is the friendly and communal atmosphere that allows us to socialise and enjoy working together on projects.

Finally, being part of a diverse and multi-faceted team with different backgrounds, experiences, and cultures results in a rather beautiful mix of personalities.

What motivates you the most?

My greatest motivation is seeking diverse experiences and constantly learning, not in the sense of chasing Coursera courses or consuming numerous business books, but rather being aware of the gaps in my knowledge. If there's room to improve, I talk to experts, organise exposure on projects, and get my hands dirty until I am happy that I have internalised and fully understood the concepts. Metyis is the best consultancy to facilitate immersive learning; we are not held in industry verticals but instead deployed dynamically across various projects and areas, which is incredibly unique.

What are your biggest role models and why?

As a South African, it's only natural to mention Nelson Mandela, who is a monument to what a role model should be. He was a charismatic and inspirational human who was able to practice a level of forgiveness, unity, and empathy that brought a nation together. I consider this one of the most significant pieces of human history. The world would be better if we brought a little of this into our lives.