In this edition of One ethos, One culture, Dora Kovacs, our Strategy and Execution Analyst in Switzerland, shares some of the victories of being part of the supportive, inspiring and close-knit team at Metyis. 

Meet Dora, our Strategy and Execution Analyst

What can you share so that we get to know you better?

I was born and raised in Hungary and moved to Switzerland in 2020. I studied Business and Management, which allowed me to spend semesters in Portugal and the Netherlands. My friends would call me energetic and super-competitive; I won the first in-house Survivor at my students' association. Also, we often played the racing car video game at the arcade, contending until dawn. 

Through the same organisation, I got the chance to have lunch with Nobel Prize winner Richard Thaler and undertake an intensive course with the amazing professor Amy Wrzesniewski from Yale, who helped me understand how to make my work more meaningful through job crafting.

These days, other than work, I continue to settle into the Zurich lifestyle. When I need a pause, I either go to the Swiss mountains for a long hike, ride my motorcycle to remote places with my boyfriend or take a weekend trip to my family's guesthouse, located next to Lake Balaton in Hungary. It has incredible countryside vibes.

Can you describe to us your path to Metyis?

I am a Strategy & Execution Analyst at Metyis. I previously worked for a Swiss fintech startup, which assisted private equity clients. However, I missed working with a close-knit team and supporting major decisions that would positively impact the company; for this reason, I joined Metyis as an intern, later becoming an analyst. So far, I've made the right decision; the tasks are diverse and stimulating. The team is awesome!

​​​​​​​What was the number one reason you joined?

I always knew that I wanted to do something meaningful that creates both a financial and social impact. Metyis' entrepreneurial drive and multi-disciplinarity were the two key concepts that first caught my attention. I found the ambition of shaking up huge companies intriguing. In this decade, amid a constantly changing world, implementation is not just an improvement but the key to success. Companies value this phase over receiving presentations that will end up on their shelves; this is why the Metyis approach makes sense to me.

How does your work at Metyis challenge you?

I am currently involved in orchestrating the order system at a major fashion company. It is interesting to observe and understand the underlying engine constantly in motion, like a busy bee that enables your favourite hoodie to arrive on your doorstep. As the backbone of the whole company's ecosystem, I think our work will have a massive impact on the success of this brand. 

Whenever I have some free time, I engage with the metaverse and sustainability topics with our Swiss team. I also participate in social events. For example, a colleague and I recently 'kicked off' the sports committee. 

What achievements at Metyis Switzerland are you most proud of?

The entrepreneurial vibe that begins at the intern level makes our community unique, complemented by an environment that promotes strong informal bonds to form.

Many of us had startups and diverse interests in niche topics, creating stimulating discussions that can then translate into business opportunities. A great example of this is our metaverse initiative; we built a task force from scratch and then developed our expertise within the field. We pitched proposals for new and existing clients, won our first metaverse projects, successfully finalised a state-of-the-art proof-of-concept and published the first article on our Metyis blog. I think an organisation needs active participants with a sense of ownership, so the incentive is not solely to realise quick wins but also to retain long-term competitive advantage.

Another factor that gives us an edge is the informal bonds across disciplines and levels. We enjoy hanging out with one another outside of regular working hours. My favourite event was the laser tag tournament; I enjoyed sharing one of my hobbies with colleagues with whom I'd spent a lot of my time. This playful spirit stimulates personal ties, resulting in a trusting atmosphere.

Besides these events, small, considerate thoughts and gestures also establish an uplifting mood. For example, when it was my birthday, we celebrated at the airport, and I received a unicorn diary and chocolate as gifts.

In your opinion, what makes us one true global firm?

People make Metyis global. Having offices in various countries is one thing but having multicultural offices and project set-ups with diverse backgrounds and nationalities is entirely different. Even though we come from all over the world, we share common interests, allowing for smooth teamwork. The collaboration is fruitful because there is a sense of openness and curiosity from everyone at Metyis.

What would you say or recommend to someone preparing for an interview at Metyis?
Getting a job in consulting has never been a walk in the park. However, overstressing is the worst thing you can do. Try to think of the interview as a two-way discussion; the interviewer was once in the same position as you.

Don't forget that everybody wants you to be comfortable and allow you to be your best self. Also, it's crucial to do your research! Some insightful questions could give you the edge; it's key to our understanding of what topics are important to you and whether that's something we can offer to make you happy.