In this edition of One ethos, One culture, we talked to Ekin, an analyst in Data Engineering, who works in our Istanbul office, collaborating with our global team to deliver impact.

Meet Ekin, our Data Engineer Analyst in Istanbul

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My name is Ekin, and I was born in Istanbul. I hold a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, with a Double Major in Software Engineering. At university, I participated in voluntary and compulsory internships. Still, I wanted to gain different perspectives and bolster my self-development, so I worked in various other areas, such as being a game attendant at an amusement park in the US. After graduation, I was accepted into the young talent programme at a telecommunications company. It's here where my professional career truly began.

Contrary to the stereotype associated with people who have a technical background, I consider myself an extroverted and social person who enjoys group activities.

What is your role at Metyis?

I'm a Data Engineer at Metyis. My initial responsibilities entail analysing and identifying customers' data needs, which enables the client to advance with the most appropriate technologies. I then prepare a data decision environment for the customer by establishing the necessary infrastructure. I work diligently to hone my skills and competencies as a data analyst engineer, each day learning something new that I can apply. I am particularly focused on cloud technologies, and am currently working on a project with the Dutch team for a social impact firm; we maintain a continuous line of open communication between offices, supporting the growth at our Istanbul site.

How did you come across Metyis, and what made you say yes?

When I first encountered Metyis, I was not actively looking for a new job. However, I was intrigued by the company's vision and approach, so when they contacted me through a professional business networking platform, I decided to interview.

The diversity of Metyis' workplace has heightened my sensitivity toward individuals' similarities and differences; by joining the team, I feel like I have accomplished a lifelong goal to work in a professional environment that praises and supports equity.

How do your values meet Metyis' in your daily life?

Metyis offers a dynamic, customer-focused, and open environment that emphasises human values and gives an equal voice to all employees.

Self-development and fast adaptability to different technologies are part of my profession; Metyis nurtures my growth and advancement with its data-driven consultancy model, which in turn helps me to progress even faster.

How do Metyis and your team inspire you to be a better professional?

As a team, we support each other regardless of the domain. With a shared goal to grow, we collaborate on increasing our strengths and developing and improving our weaknesses.

We emphasise the role that criticism can play in success; after customer events or meetings, we organise feedback sessions focusing on the question, "What could we have done better?"

What does Metyis allow you to be?

At Metyis, I feel in touch with the world. Working here inspires me to generate ideas independently and allows me to improve both my data and soft skills. Metyis' innovative and diverse teams promote the opportunity to work with people from various countries and nationalities, which helps me to preserve a forward-thinking mindset.

What can a young female find at Metyis to help her excel in her career?

During my second week at Metyis, I encountered the Women@Metyis initiative at an event we held in Porto; I felt very moved and enthusiastic about it and the potential the initiative has. I immediately realised I was in the right place.

Compared to men, we are in the minority as engineers, not just as data engineers; facing problems is a part of life and having the power to solve issues with the knowledge that your workplace will support you gives me great confidence to succeed.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

I find different motivations in varying facets of life, whether physical, mental, or professional. However, keeping up with the rapidly changing world is the most valuable skill for any of these aspects. The quote "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans" has always motivated me to adapt to changes and tackle challenges head-on.

Travelling, practising sports, and participating in social activities such as concerts, visiting exhibitions, and going to the theatre increase my awareness and conscientiousness in life and improve my concentration.