In this edition of One ethos, One culture, our Madrid-based Strategy & Execution Analyst Federico Zanatta expresses how working at Metyis influenced his academic career and shares what it takes to be part of the team.  

​​Meet Federico, a Strategy & Execution Analyst in Madrid

Tell us more about yourself. 

Born and raised in México, I moved to Spain in 2020 and have lived here ever since. I have a bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering from one of México's top universities. Throughout my life, I have always been interested in technology and consulting; in the early years of my career, I started a small consulting company that specialised in technology and its integration to create value within firms. Looking to broaden my consulting portfolio, I have two Masters, one in Technology Management in México and another in Industrial Economics and Markets in Spain. I feel the latter opened up the world of economic consultancy and would eventually lead me to Metyis, where I am thriving.  

I have always loved to eat but have recently discovered a hidden passion for cooking and organic wine, which is both a therapeutical and convenient way to indulge my great passion.  

In terms of sports and outdoor activities, I find solace and enjoyment in hiking and used to be good at doing yoga asanas, but now I'm a little bit rusty.

What was your path to Metyis?  

In my early years as a consultant, I worked across many industries helping customers achieve their goals through the proper adaptation, integration, and interpretation of technology. It is gratifying to witness projects you've helped implement be successful in the market. 

What is your current role at Metyis, and how did you get here?   

I currently work as an analyst in the Strategy & Execution department of Metyis. We handle a whole gamut of projects, ranging from competition in the fuel industry to regulation in the energy sector. 

Tell us about a project you are proud of that you recently delivered to a client.

My first project at Metyis left quite an impact, to the point that my Master's thesis pulled inspiration from the experience. Via an econometric model we designed, we could estimate the degree of harm to consumers caused by firms in the energy sector that are involved in anti-competitive practices. 

If there is one word you could use to describe your experience with Metyis, what would it be and why? 

Learning; every day, we constantly strive to acquire new knowledge in every facet of a project, from understanding the customer's needs through to the final process of implementation; it's a nonstop learning experience.  ​

How do Metyis and your team inspire you to be a better professional?  

My team consists of expert professionals, primarily economists, from whom I learn daily. Our goal is to offer the best consulting advice to companies that acknowledge the importance of economic science.  

Was there a particular person or experience that impacted your philosophy towards work (or life)?

My mother as she always reminded me to enjoy life, no matter how dreadful the horizon might appear.