Discover the journey of Jacopo Casella, our Big Data Associate at the Milan office with a passion for sailing, skiing, and martial arts, as he discusses his transition into a Big Data role at Metyis. Explore his insights on building relationships, the stimulating challenges he encounters, and the exciting environment that fosters growth

Meet Jacopo Casella, our Big Data Associate in Milan

Tell us something about yourself.

I am originally from Milan. I enjoy living in a big city because it allows me to try many different activities and meet new people daily. I am passionate about sailing, skiing and combat disciplines.

What did you want to be growing up?

An interest towards understanding everything has always characterised my growth path. I chose engineering because it’s a field that provides many answers, and in particular, I specialised in aerospace because, as a sailor, I was curious about aerodynamics.

Describe your path towards Metyis.

Following my studies, I worked for a couple of years as a consultant in Big Data. Waking up every morning focusing on the same activity was not enough for me. I needed something that could give me a broader perspective on projects. I wanted to understand how to work with Big Data and the root source of business needs. Metyis provided me with the right solution to what I was searching for; it is a people-oriented company, that creates dynamism between people of different backgrounds and cultures. Working at Metyis continuously presents stimulating and thought-provoking challenges.

What is your current role, and what do you like about it?

I am an Associate in Big Data. Working with Data is interesting because it teaches us to look at everything from multiple perspectives. However, what I like most is building relationships with people. Hard skills are a necessary tool that helps us reach goals, but it is nothing without relations between colleagues, customers and all other stakeholders. As an associate, I create and strengthen relationships inside every project to give it an additional spark through a sense of belonging, mutual trust and confidence.

What do you like about Metyis?

The thing I like most about Metyis is the people-centric mindset. I‘ve been surprised and delighted by the visits of many partners from different global headquarters to meet new employees. I enjoy conversing with them and witnessing the trust and faith they put in us and the importance they attribute to transmitting the Metyis culture and ethos to everyone. This company stimulates knowledge transfer between different cultures, positions and pillars. I love this way of thinking.

How do Metyis and your team inspire you to be a better professional?

My team at Metyis inspires me to cultivate my interests, expand my knowledge base, and explore new fields to develop a well-rounded mind. The sharing of knowledge and passion between Metyis’ people increases the speed of professional growth of the whole team.

What are you most excited about for a future at Metyis?

Metyis focuses on making an impact with people and innovation. This vision gives a common goal shared by all team members, allowing them to take the extra step. It creates an exciting environment where I am happy and excited to work.