Discover how Kristina Sigllechner, our Munich-based Strategy and Execution Director, juggles the roles of motherhood and consultancy, while exploring the transformative power of diversity in boosting productivity.

Meet Kristina Sigllechner, Strategy and Execution Director in Munich.

Could you tell us a little about yourself?

I grew up in a small town in Bavaria. During my studies, I was in South Africa and later in Oxford before I decided to set up an asparagus farm in the countryside with my husband. I love nature and the mountains and spend as much time as possible in the fresh air on the weekends. 

I am a mum of two children. My daughter is 9 years old, and my son is 5 years old. The best way for me to relax is with my family. But I also like to go jogging to balance things out and look forward to the ski season every winter, which I enjoy to the fullest. My motivation is to identify and resolve complex and diverse problems daily.

How has your professional journey evolved over the years?

Following my initial role at an automotive conglomerate, I embarked on a two-year stint with a large consultancy firm. Subsequently, I joined my most recent employer, a major European retailer, where I dedicated 13 years to diverse roles within the organisation

While I found immense satisfaction in my consulting endeavours, I aspired to cultivate expertise in a specific domain alongside honing my project management skills. For a period of nine years, my professional journey encompassed a broad spectrum of roles in customer service management, as well as digital and organisational transformation management.

What led you to Metyis?

During the last three years, I successfully established an international service unit for a leading consumer electronics retailer. This unit assumed centralised responsibility for all onsite services, in-store repairs, and technical remote support services.  

The numerous service projects I had executed within many companies in my career led me to Metyis, where my current objective is to leverage this wealth of experience and knowledge to collaboratively enhance services to create a positive business impact for both existing and new customers.

What career goal would you like to accomplish at Metyis?

I aim to further develop the domain of service management at Metyis Germany. I believe tailoring our solutions and services to meet the exact needs of our partners will help us bridge crucial gaps in their businesses and provide them a competitive edge. I’m happy to say that since I joined, we’ve secured one project. The initial success is significant, and my goal is to build on it further.

Metyis, as a company with extensive expertise in analytics, makes for a perfect match for me when it comes to leverage my service management abilities. To add to that, the know-how that I gain from using operational data continuously enables me to optimise business processes, which I find to be a great career opportunity for me.

How do you balance your roles of being both a mother and a leader?

When I wasn't yet a mum, I didn't think it was possible to combine a management position and two small children. But over the last 9 years, I have learnt to trust myself more and I have been able to balance my role as a manager and mother well and have been continuously challenged and encouraged by my managers.

Of course, you need the strong support of family and close confidants to help you when the working days are longer or if you are travelling on business. I think that the children really appreciate the quality time with two working parents because you naturally try to make the most of the time.

Having spent nearly six months at Metyis, I've come to realise that the roles of being a mother and a consultant complement each other exceptionally well. The flexibility that consulting offers contrasts with the demands of a managerial position in a line function.

Could you give us some insights on the importance of inclusivity and diversity in leadership?

The pivotal element in crafting high-performance teams is diversity. This is especially crucial in a service-oriented company with an extensive portfolio catering to diverse customer groups. It is imperative to not only emphasise all facets of this diversity but also to cultivate a team culture that embodies these principles. Fortunately, my experience working in diverse teams has been a constant, making the process of building teams in such a fashion second nature to me.

What kind of support do you feel is important for personal and professional well-being?

In my view, managers with families need strong support within the family to be able to balance business and personal appointments. On the other hand, professional well-being is heavily dependent on three aspects: the people in the management team, the team you work with daily, and the projects that challenge you. I’ve always believed that the most interesting projects can only be successful so long as the management and the teams work together closely. This means that the focus must clearly be on people.

Lastly, what piece of advice would you give to help people sustain a positive relationship with work?

Don't wait for others to tell you that you can manage your family and career. Believe in yourself and trust yourself to do it, because you will certainly succeed if you really want to. If it can't be done, it doesn't exist! I love change and challenging situations and I believe that there is no better place for this than a growing company like Metyis.