Marta Tuluco, our eCommerce Business Intelligence Analyst at the HUGO BOSS Digital Campus in Porto, details her move from the healthcare sector into the stimulating world of data, the challenges she faced along the way, and offers sound advice to women looking to join the industry.  

Meet Marta Tuluco, our eCommerce Business Intelligence Analyst in Porto

From radiotherapy to data – A fruitful step 

I began my academic path with a bachelor's in Radiotherapy. After finishing my bachelor’s degree, I felt there was a lack of opportunities in Portugal and there are only a few appealing career paths available at the time. 

This encouraged me to enroll in a post-graduate degree in Information Management and Business Intelligence in Healthcare, presenting myself with a chance to create a synergy between a field I knew and liked – Healthcare, and something completely new – Data.  

As soon as I started researching the different domains, possibilities, and opportunities involved in the data and technology sector during my master’s, I knew it would be an exciting challenge to pursue a career in this field and would prove to be fruitful. 

A few months before the completion of my course, I had already found work, which was quite rewarding considering my previous experience. Since then, I have been working in consultancy for several different clients, though, funnily enough, none of whom ever seem to be in the healthcare sector. 

A journey full of learning and amazing connections 

Being part of the HUGO BOSS Digital Campus team has been amazing. Coming together as one team to collaborate, solve problems, and help each other always strengthens bonds, provides invaluable insights, and increases productivity. I recently had the opportunity to visit the HUGO BOSS headquarters in Metzingen to meet the people I have been working so closely with, and it was great! 

I have learned that sharing similar values, energies, and goals improves teamwork. When we are equally involved, engaged, and eager to work together, it creates a warm, proactive, and collaborative work culture. The collaborative work culture not just achieves positive business results, but also forms deeper relationships. 

One of the things that I value the most is being constantly updated on the latest developments in this industry. The tools and platforms that I have been given to complete relevant online courses make for great opportunities for learning and staying inspired. 

Being a woman in data – if I can do it, so you can you! 

It is a well-known fact that a diverse environment can only benefit a company’s culture. Employing people with diverse backgrounds and combining their different ways of thinking generates discussion and valuable thoughts. I would be unable to work in organisations where inclusivity is not engrained in their ethos. 

There are a lot of challenges that anyone can encounter in this field. As a young female professional at the beginning of my career and coming from a different discipline, I felt that I had a lot to prove. That, I have to say, was my biggest challenge. But that changed as I gained deeper knowledge and a better understanding of my work. I began to produce positive results that were tangible, which helped instil higher levels of confidence in my peers about my work and the value that I brought to it. 

My advice for women seeking to enter the data and technology sector is simply this: Join us! It is fun here. It is challenging; you learn something new almost every day. The data and technology universe is so vast that you will find a world that suits you best, and then all you need to do is thrive on knowledge and the enjoyment of this pursuit. 

I believe we are an excellent example of what I envision for the future of women in the data and technology industry. I am happy that the number of women forging their paths in the data sector is increasing all the time, demonstrating our proficiency, and sending the message that we deserve recognition and relevant roles in the industry.