We are proud to announce the admission of seven new members to Metyis’ global partnership team, as a result of their exemplary performance and commitment to the company's values.

Meet Metyis’ seven new Partners

Our new Partners will continue to leverage their deep experience in strategy and execution, business transformation, eCommerce and big data to further drive impact for our business partners and clients and support the firm’s growth while mentoring the next generation of Metyis talent.

Ashish Dang, Amsterdam

“As humans, we have a very strong need to be able to control and have predictability over our actions. At Metyis, one of the responses to this unknown is to fight it head-on and to figure out a solution.”

Ashish Dang has, for almost 15 years, enabled several clients in their journeys towards digital transformation and embedding digitisation across their value chains. Ashish’s background combines a bachelor’s in Electronic and Communication Engineering with a Global Executive MBA from INSEAD business school, which paved the way for several leading positions in customer data science, banking, and eCommerce.

Ashish joined Metyis in 2016 as Principal, later becoming our Digital & Data Director in Amsterdam, where he has fulfilled his entrepreneurial drive by developing new client partnerships and solutions.

Chanda Yarborough, Amsterdam 

“We work with many amazing clients, and it’s great to build meaningful partnerships with them. As a Partner, I look forward to continuing to do this and actively working to grow our company and the next generation of leaders.” 

Chanda Yarborough is a strategy and execution consultant with over 20 years' experience working with global consulting companies. After graduating from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., she worked for a leading multinational strategy and technology consulting firm for more than 17 years in the US, India, and Spain.

Chanda developed international experience designing organisations and operating models, as well as managing complex programmes and projects for clients and internal organisations. In 2018, Chanda joined our team in Amsterdam, leveraging data to access the full potential of businesses and drive long-lasting change.

Keshav Chawla, Gurgaon

“I’m proud of being a part of an organisation which gave me a platform wherein I was able to exhibit my leadership skills and build a technology practice.”

Keshav Chawla is a technology and business consultant with 17 years of expertise implementing and improving cutting-edge enterprise solutions. As a TOGAF-certified engineer, Keshav became a technology developer and transitioned to be a seasoned tech architect, mainly in the area of eCommerce. He contributed to the development of some of the most complex omnichannel platforms for several frontrunners in the digital commerce, hardware, and software industry.

In 2018, Keshav joined Metyis in India, establishing and scaling our omnichannel global delivery and capability teams while delivering client work via thought leadership.

Mari-Carmen Marx, Zurich

“When I look at Metyis, there are really two things that stand out for me: first of all, the quality and depth of work that we can do for our Partners; and second, just the amazing network of highly talented people that we have on a global scale.”

Mari-Carmen is a consultant with wide-ranging experience, who began her career as a natural scientist completing her BA and PhD in Pharmacology at the University of Cambridge. Her subsequent transition to consulting took her through various strategy-related positions, including the leadership team at a Swiss strategy boutique.

Mari-Carmen's skills in innovation strategy and execution of large-scale transformation projects drove her towards a leadership position at Metyis in 2021. Her areas of expertise include digital and innovation strategy, particularly in the health, financial services, and consumer goods industries.

Pablo Olivares, Madrid

As a Partner, my goal is to help the company make its values tangible for both customers and employees. This means building meaningful partnerships with clients that are aligned with those values and trying to make Metyis the best place to work for everyone.

Pablo has over 15 years of experience with consulting firms, helping companies develop teams, channels, and geographies to achieve better results. He worked as an IT consultant for 5 years before switching to business consulting, and within the following years, he worked for a luxury retail brand as a sales operations manager. In 2017, he joined Metyis, having the opportunity to combine his technical and business backgrounds to impact customers through pragmatic digitisation. Pablo is a computer engineer with an MBA in Business Administration.

Peter Butler, London

“My mission is to try and make Metyis the very best place to work that any of us have ever experienced. I believe that we can do that by being focused and committed to each other and to our clients, and I very much look forward to the journey.”

Peter has 25 years of experience in data analytics and data science, which allowed him to boost businesses performance across several industries, such as Financial Services, Utilities and Retail. Holding senior positions at several marketing agencies and some of the largest retail companies and consulting firms provided great challenges, such as the management of a team of 40 analysts. Opportunities like these favourably prepared him for the leadership of Metyis’ UK practice, since joining the team in 2021. Peter has a master’s degree in Statistical Applications in Business and a bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Statistics and Operational Research.

Serkan Güner, Istanbul

I'm committed to bringing together all the doers and implementers under the Metyis roof and guiding them towards success. It is my belief that talent, teamwork, and intelligence can pave the way towards significant accomplishments.

Serkan Güner is an industrial engineer with an MBA in finance and a PhD in Strategic Planning of Multinationals. After working in finance risk management for three years in New York, Serkan moved to the Netherlands to pursue a career in the banking industry. He then switched to consulting, working for one of the Big Four for 15 years. In 2021, he joined Metyis in Istanbul, where he helps clients make data-driven decisions.

Inspiring Impact through leadership

As true representatives of our values and what it means to guide our teams and partnerships, we truly believe that our new Partners' expertise and leadership will be invaluable as Metyis continues to evolve and grow. Congratulations, Ashish Dang, Chanda Yarborough, Keshav Chawla, Mari-Carmen Marx, Pablo Olivares, Peter Butler, and Serkan Güner.