We are proud to announce the development of our Porto Campus where we will host our people and partners.

We recently launched the construction works of Metyis Campus, a digital solutions centre. Designed by UNUM and situated in Oporto, Portugal, the campus will be 10 minutes away from the city centre, and boasts a property with over 40.000 square meters.

A physical representation of Metyis' partnership model

The Metyis Campus reflects our partnership model in all senses. It is an extension of our connectivity, solutions and mindset, where we fuel our vision to create an environment that is more than an office. It all materializes in a space where we will hold activities, workshops, knowledge-sharing sessions, and team-building exercises that strengthen internal ties.

We aim that everyone who enters the place senses the internal connection between the buildings, a sharing and flowing that is no less than a physical representation of what is already happening in our company in terms of work experiences, approaches to problems and interaction between teams.

The first phase of the Campus’ development has already begun, and we aim to inaugurate it in the first quarter of 2022. This phase will focus on the construction of the first two buildings:

  • Metyis Auditorium: a place to host our workshops, presentations and other events with a 300-person capacity in a room modifiable with foldable walls.

  • Metyis Digital Campus: 2400 square meters of modern offices with a touch of nature and warmth.

Embedded into a beautiful green landscape, these buildings offer modern and comfortable workstations paired with a scenic environment that promotes wellbeing and outdoor activity.

Metyis Campus: the future of work

In a world where remote work is no longer an exclusive perk reserved to some adventurous tech companies, many traditional businesses are facilitating talent retention by permanently embracing teleworking into their cultures. At Metyis, we see the future of work differently, so we are investing in this campus.

Covid-19 taught us we could work from home with some level of success. We can meet through videocalls, and we can manage our workflows. We avoid commuting, and we can have, in some cases, a better work-life balance. However, the office can’t just disappear.

We are social creatures, crave connections with other people, and technology can’t completely replace that need. Whether we’re working side-by-side with a colleague writing a new idea on a whiteboard, cracking a challenge around a conference table or acknowledging a friend across the cafeteria, being together in a workplace adds meaning to the work experience.

For us, building this campus is an opportunity to present our vision of how work is evolving: in partnership, closer to each other, and synergistically between teams, whether internal or external.

At Metyis Campus, you are part of something bigger

Metyis Campus represents an investment in building a new business concept and connecting an extraordinary team much more than a physical investment.
The Campus will allow us to take our people and our partnerships to the next level. We aim at a vibrant and innovative incubation environment to develop breakthrough technology solutions, share a unique culture, and grow together.

We will blend our thoughts, roll up our sleeves, and work together to generate cutting-edge solutions and test the unproven. We will laugh, applaud, share experiences and create memories. The Campus will remind us that we’re unified and ready for any challenge.

We are Metyis.