A more secure Metyis for our business partners and people

We have successfully obtained the globally recognised ISO 27001 certification for information security. Achieving this milestone is proof of our strong commitment to data protection and our effort to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information for Metyis and our partners.  

With the help of a great team of experts, we have built a truly global Information Security Management System (ISMS).  

Embedding confidence into Metyis 

The way we care for our data and the data of our partners has always been of the utmost importance. Our partners value our efforts to keep their data secure, and the ISO27001 certification provides them with the assurance they need to trust Metyis. 

As a company, it helps us defend our most important information assets, reduces the risks of data breaches and provides clear guidelines for all our people to follow.

"IT security starts with us. We need to be aware of the risks we face every day when we open our laptops or use our smartphones. Following the ISO certification process allowed us to increase our awareness and also align our processes with best practices to reduce our risks. We received this certification, which is a great milestone achieved for a great team, but we will continue working every day to improve IT safety in our business environment. Our business is founded on trust, and we need to guarantee to our clients we continue to deserve their trust. For this, we need all Metyis’ employees to be fully aware of our individual and collective responsibility."
- José Antonio Bueno, Senior Partner and Executive Board Member

Our approach to certification 

Making our collective behaviours more secure is a feat of which we are incredibly proud. The ESET training has been key to informing everyone at Metyis.  

Together, we managed to secure our digital workspaces, devices and ways of working with third parties. With our new policies in place, we are confident in the effectiveness of our future assessments and audits. 

Although a challenging task, we managed to keep our ISMS as simple as possible, while at the same time making it an effective tool to raise the baseline of information security at Metyis. All our global policies are based on the good practices we already had at Metyis. 

"At Metyis we need to reduce information security risks to the max. We need all Metyis' employees to consistently think about security. Our security policies are important and help us to assure we all work with the same security principles in mind. We need to achieve a high level of security at each Metyis location. We have a great team that can support you."
- Louis Keulemans, CISO

Achieving team excellence 

As a company with rapid growth, we are proud of the fact that everyone successfully did their part in this journey. Every team and individual demonstrated great competence and dedication to protecting our most important assets.  

The impact 

Our ISO certification journey has resulted in a more secure Metyis, benefiting not only our employees but also our trusted partners. By fortifying our information security practices, we have solidified our commitment to safeguarding sensitive data, reinforcing trust, and ensuring the longevity of our partnerships.