The luxury segment is witnessing an increasing number of affluent business owners, belonging to the younger demographic embracing digitalisation and automation. We partnered with a luxury brand to create interactive solutions using our extensive Generative AI expertise to elevate client experience to the next level.

The changing landscape of the luxury sector

Traditionally, the luxury industry targeted a mature audience of seasoned millionaires who valued personalised advice from personal advisors. However, recent years have witnessed a demographic shift, with younger individuals becoming crucial luxury consumers. These tech-savvy individuals prioritise seamless experiences and efficient solutions that align with their fast-paced lifestyles. This change presents both challenges and opportunities for luxury companies, compelling them to find innovative ways to effectively engage with their clients. 

Moreover, the increase in luxury product sales has generated a greater demand for after-sales services. Clients now seek guidance beyond the point of sale, investing more in their luxury purchases. Luxury brands face a choice between exhaustive web pages that attempt to address every possible query or refined solutions that provide instant and tailored responses to individual client needs.

The implementation of sophisticated digital solutions allows luxury companies to bridge the gap between traditional customer service and the expectations of modern consumers. This adaptation not only keeps them in sync with the changing landscape but also positions them as industry leaders in providing immersive and personalised luxury experiences. 

Revolutionising luxury customer support through intelligent and interactive assistance 

To cater to the growing demand for accurate and efficient responses tailored to each client's unique needs, the Metyis team created an Aftersales and Care Service Automation solution for the jewelry and fashion segments. This interactive system seamlessly integrates with the customer support infrastructure of the brand. Powered by Generative AI, it functions as an intent interpreter, employing a succession of layers to provide personalised solutions and diagnostics, automating the process for a streamlined and effortless client experience.

Promising exceptional customer care 

At the heart of the Aftersales and Care Service Automation solution lie three essential layers: the grammatical corrector, the interpreter, and the solver. Each layer plays a vital role in understanding and addressing client inquiries, ensuring exceptional service for customers seeking luxury jewelry and timepieces. 

Our Aftersales and Care Service Automation solution offers a natural and comfortable way for clients to access luxury services, whether they are browsing from the comfort of their homes or seeking assistance on the go. It serves as a gateway to a wide range of services, effortlessly guiding clients through various options, including after-sales support, expert advice, and maintenance guidance. 

The Aftersales and Care Service Automation enables us to present real solutions that precisely address each client's expressed needs, delivering an unparalleled level of personalisation and convenience within the luxury industry. From doorstep deliveries to concierge-level support, every interaction is tailored to the client's desires, cultivating a sense of exclusivity and delight throughout their luxurious journey. 

Integration of generative AI has the potential to enhance the accuracy and expertise of our system further. By embracing these advancements, luxury companies can establish enduring connections with their clients, providing unrivaled experiences, and redefining the landscape of the luxury industry. 

Increasing accuracy of care assistance with relevance and customisation, powered by Generative AI

Continuing our quest for innovative solutions in the luxury industry, integrating Generative AI, such as Chat GPT, holds immense promise in refining the accuracy and expertise of our interactive solutions. By harnessing the power of Generative AI, our Aftersales & Care Service Automation solution enhances the capabilities of our intent interpreter, resulting in a more precise and sophisticated system. 

One challenge faced by the intent interpreter lies in deciphering lengthy and intricate client messages. When clients provide detailed narratives or extensive accounts, the essence and intent can sometimes be obscured. That said, Generative AI offers a solution which summarises and rephrases the client's message, extracting only the most relevant details, and transforming lengthy paragraphs into concise and easily understandable sentences. 

With this condensed format, we enabled the intent interpreter to capture the core needs of the client more effectively, resulting in improved accuracy in understanding their requirements. With this enhanced precision, our system provides tailored and customised solutions, ensuring that each client receives the utmost care and attention they deserve. 

Integrating Generative AI marks a significant advancement in luxury customer support. By harnessing the power of this technology, we elevate the accuracy and expertise of our solution, empowering luxury brands to meet the demands of their discerning clientele with precision and finesse. As we drive innovation, our unwavering commitment to control and customisation enables luxury companies to embrace the transformative potential of Generative AI while upholding brand integrity and delivering unforgettable luxury experiences to their clients. 

Combining our expertise in Generative AI and experience in the luxury segment to create impact 

By deploying Generative AI expertise, luxury brands can increase their potential to prioritise control and precision to elevate customer experiences, brand loyalty, and revenue generation.

Our team possesses the expertise to leverage the potential of Generative AI while mitigating risks. Our deep understanding of the luxury sector ensures that the outputs we generate align with the brand's image, values, and standards. This approach guarantees that luxury companies can confidently embrace the benefits of Generative AI without compromising control over the client experience.

At Metyis, we’re always excited to implement cutting-edge technologies such as Generative AI to create long-term business impact for our customers across a varied number of industries. Please feel free to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you embark on an end-to-end digitalisation journey with our array of capabilities across different domains.

About the author behind the article

As the leader of the Project Management Team at the Paris office, Xavier Bruetschy has been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge digital and IT solutions for the luxury sector for over five years.