Corporate Strategy

A tailored plan of action for companies to successfully improve their competitive positioning, delivered by highly skilled teams who make it happen.

A winning Corporate Strategy is at the core of every company’s success. Only with a clearly articulated strategy based on a broad vision are companies able to successfully defend and improve their competitive positioning. This becomes even more important with increasing global geopolitical and economic uncertainties, the continuous pursuit of digitisation, and entirely new competitors emerging globally.

At Metyis, we support corporate leadership in this endeavour. From visioning all the way to rigorous execution, we know that every strategy is only as good as its implementation and the people who make it happen. The underlying principle we thus follow is value generation aiming for immediate impact.

We work differently by helping with the implementation of strategy instead of just handing over reports. By collaborating in joint teams with our clients we are granted a greater buy-in to the organisation. Through our long-term partnership approach and alignment of interests, we deliver the bottom line with higher financial results.

Corporate StrategyApproach

With Metyis, every corporate strategy developed is uniquely tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Visioning and Ambition

We start by assessing our client's current positioning and where they want to be in the near to mid-term future, taking into consideration the evolving industry and how it affects business. Together with our clients, we try to understand what ambitious financial targets can be achieved in the next few years.

Strategy Roadmap

A clear roadmap will define our client's business model and how far it must be tailored to changing consumer demands. This means deciding whether targets can be reached organically or otherwise, which strategic priorities will achieve the best financial targets, and where we can generate the most impact with a mid- to long-term roadmap.

Financial Targets

We help businesses understand how to break down overall targets into manageable objectives, as well as implement ambitious targets into the organisation's daily routines while motivating people and tracking the results.

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