Data and Analytics Strategy

Enabled technology functions that reveal better ways to interpret and leverage data for more successful digital transformations and decision-making.

In our view, the essence of most successful digital transformations resides in successfully becoming a data-driven, analytics-enabled company first. Most organisations are currently structured vertically in functions, business units, product categories, geographies, and channels. All of these are bound by financial language, multi-year incremental planning, and annual alignment through budgeting cycles.

However, data moves horizontally across these vertical silos and is not bound by the operating model of most companies. So, in order to unlock the true power of data, an organisation needs to build a lateral capability that is able to capture and identify relevant data across the value and supply chain. Only then a company will be able to reveal the “unknown unknowns” and truly derive actionable insights from its own data.

It requires a methodology where a company explicitly links a fit-for-purpose technology stack, to the right data sources, extracted and leveraged by a new digital capability, while driving those impact cases that significantly and immediately improve the existing business and therefore wider adoption throughout the organisation.

Data & Analytics Strategy and Roadmap

Metyis has developed a pragmatic approach, allowing clients to define and implement an actionable Data & Analytics strategy. With this in place, our clients and their leadership will have a demystified roadmap showing them and the wider organisation what to do, where to start, and how to execute and deliver.

Business Intelligence and Advanced Analytics

Together with stakeholders from all relevant functions, we prioritise the use cases (in BI/dashboarding and Advanced Analytics) that will not only have the biggest business impact but are also most feasible in terms of existing data availability and quality.

Target data and IT infrastructure

We identify the target data and IT infrastructure that is needed to accommodate use cases, allowing us to access, automate, compute, and visualise the required data in an appropriate and compelling way.

Capabilities and skill sets

We assess the capabilities and skill sets required to execute the prioritised use cases, as well as develop and maintain the data platform. This way we help identify the target data organisation, current capability gaps, and typical “digital profiles” needed to fill in these gaps. We also identify associated costs for onboarding these capabilities, either sourced internally or externally.

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