Digital Strategy

Helping companies reach short- and long-term business objectives by deploying digital solutions to create the biggest impact.

In this era of technological disruption, all companies need to go through a certain form of digital transformation. As with all transformations, this demands a strategic and long-term view, as well as distinct choices, significant investments, and a solid plan on how to get there.

At Metyis we believe that a digital strategy is always an extension of a company’s overall strategy. Too often, digital agendas lack this link to an overall plan. They also lack central coordination, often remaining isolated point solutions that are more cosmetic in nature and are not structurally changing the way a company does business and operates. 

In our view, the central question when developing a digital strategy should, therefore, be how a company can reach both its short- and long-term business objectives, by deploying digital solutions in those areas where they are likely to have the biggest impact.

Digital StrategyApproach

As all real change is hard and digital transformation is a costly endeavour, we will always recommend that our clients and business partners start by fixing the basics. This will require significant investments in technology, data quality, digital capabilities and human capital.

Therefore, when Metyis develops a digital strategy, we spend just as much on the “how” as we do on the “what”, to ensure that our clients end up with an actionable plan that drives change and value.

Our proven experience in implementation and change management in large transformation projects is the result of the work of a versatile team with end-to-end capabilities to design, develop, and maintain digital solutions and platforms. This distinctive approach to Digital Strategy is very pragmatic, hands-on, and proven in different sectors, clients, and geographies taking into consideration 7 critical elements:

Digital Strategy Frame1
Multidisciplinary team

Creation of a mixed team, together with the client, to have a 360 view of the opportunity and the expected solution.

Digital Strategy Frame2
Data sources

Integration of multiple data sources (internal and external) on a common, secure, and efficient database, thus breaking the siloed view of reality and generating a single source of truth, both for modelling algorithms and reporting.

Digital Strategy Frame3
Development of digital solutions

Rapidly develop a version of the Digital Solution for our client based on our proprietary assets, such as Digital Spotter or Dynamic Pricing and Promotions.

Digital Strategy Frame4
Identify use cases

Identify, together with the client, specific use cases to test and adapt the Digital Solution before bringing it to fruition, such as with the simulation of the impact of a sharp variation of promotional spending.

Digital Strategy Frame5

Progressively adapt and customise the version of the Digital Solution to answer the specific use case and embed it within the company process and decision-making mechanisms.

Digital Strategy Frame6

Continuously monitor the impact of new data-driven insights and decisions.

Digital Strategy Frame7
New data sources

Identify additional use cases and/or new data sources, with the client, to re-ignite the virtuous cycle.

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