Functional Strategy

We help our partners create HR strategies and processes that ensure they have the people and skills needed to achieve their business goals.

Growing a business inevitably means scaling and adapting the supply chain and functional support areas like HR, Finance, and IT. Keeping all these elements of the business seamlessly aligned is of crucial importance in every growth journey. This includes expanding the network, becoming more international, and managing increased complexity due to more locations, channels, products, and customers.

A smartly designed organisation positions business for success, especially when roles, responsibilities, relationships, and the flow of information are clear. Together with our partners, we design organisations that align with business strategies and objectives, whether the focus is on growth, innovation, efficiency, or a combination of the three. With a strong understanding of our partners’ culture and business goals, we help develop organisations that are effective, productive, efficient, and equipped to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Functional Strategy Approach

An ambitious corporate strategy only translates into a successful one if there are strong people behind it. Knowing that people are often the key to success, we help our partners create HR strategies and processes that ensure they have the people and skills needed to achieve their business goals and tackle any challenges that lie ahead.

Whether it is leveraging data to find and attract the best talent, defining a comprehensive strategy for career and professional development, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of HR processes, or creating an organization and culture where employees thrive, we work together to define and build successful, high performing companies powered by people.

Functional StrategyRoadmap

Our end goal is to create higher levels of supply chain efficiency and accuracy, whilst being able to perform the required reporting, such as sustainability targets, and connect and communicate better with end consumers about the entire product journey.


Collaborate with clients to define the growth strategy.


Uncover the real underlying bottlenecks and their root causes.


Add new data points for material and product traceability.


Define improvements in distribution networks.


Create tools and algorithms to improve planning and forecasting raw material as well as product flow.


Optimise the frequency, speed, and accuracy of delivery.

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