Post-merger Integration and Transformation

Supporting organisations successfully complete international mergers and acquisitions in a process tailored to each corporate culture.

Metyis has experience integrating companies and other corporate movements such as joint ventures, spin-offs, and carveouts.

With broad references from working in several sectors, from financial to industrial services, we also operate in different geographies on local and international mergers and acquisitions.

Our strategy management adapts to the different corporate cultures. We know what needs to be done at every stage of the process, from the early conversations to the SPA, including the control takeover and the normalisation of the business. Having the right clients means we get to work with companies that today continue independent winners in the system of restructuring.

PMI and TransformationApproach

01. Vision

We define solid integration strategies and simplify complex situations by applying critical, creative, and actionable thinking.

02. Definition

We build and exact the creation of tangible action plans with awareness and commitment to the organisation involving all areas in the merge.

03. Execution

Our approach makes things happen. To succeed in the materialisation of the vision we lead the execution of action plans in a coordinated way, including each stakeholder involved.

Core Capabilities

Solid and robust methodology

Our methods support all areas involved in the merger by freeing up time for management to deal with both the merger and the current business.

Flexible support model

We adapt to the specific requirements of every deal. We can take up the main role of Integrator Officer in large consultant teams or we can come in as advisors for internal teams.

Predictable, trackable and accountable

These are the major guidelines of the project. They monitor the execution to avoid unexpected delays and reduce risks.

Conservation of values

Based on our experience we offer a clear understanding of the values to be preserved during the process of integration. We know what works and what does not in a post-merger integration.

PMI transversality

A PMI is much more than a simple systems integration. Transversality is key to the PMI process but there are also specific tasks to consider regarding human resources, organisation, commercial, communication and operations.

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Our new Project Monitoring tool was specifically designed to facilitate execution and project monitoring.

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