Data Science

A unique mix of data-driven strategies that drive competitive advantage and sustained growth by leveraging reliable decision-making practices.

Our data science services empower organisations and enable faster, smarter and more profitable decision-making with measurable financial results. We help reshape businesses through science and advanced data tools that uncomplicate decision-making. This approach delivers end-to-end solutions by combining data preparation, advanced analytics, technology platforms and industry expertise.

Data science capabilities create a superior competitive advantage by improving the understanding of customers and businesses. Thereby helping companies strategise significantly better and faster whilst capitalising on opportunities and mitigating risks.

We solve business problems with analytics solutions that deliver measurable and sustainable value. With newer and deeper insights businesses are able to work with advanced statistical tools and algorithms to analyse complex data and embedded relationships, both internally and externally. Our services stem from basic activities, such as finding and sorting the data, to building complex AI-powered platforms.

Data ScienceApproach

Our objective remains simple: to help our partners make better decisions based on facts, whether it relates to pricing their products, considering which discounts they should give, or understanding consumer behaviour.

By combining domain expertise and proprietary platforms with technologies, like machine learning and AI-powered analytics, we deliver revenue and margin growth, improved supply chain efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction.

Data ScienceSolutions

At Metyis, we help our partners drive a competitive advantage and sustained growth by gaining a deeper understanding of consumers using a unique mix of data-driven strategies. We deliver actionable insights and measurable impact through advanced analytics and visual storytelling.

Pricing and Promotion

Our solutions enable optimal pricing of products to ensure competitiveness and maximum margins.

Demand Forecasting and Management

Our advanced analytics solutions drive product sales, whilst maximising margins and managing inventory.

Customer Analytics

We offer analytics services that manage the entire customer lifecycle, from acquisition to retention. Our services help improve customer experience and satisfaction throughout their lifecycle and increase the value for our clients.

Marketing Analytics

Our marketing solutions help optimise the marketing spend and improve return on marketing.

Supply Chain Analytics

Our supply chain analytics drive demand management, whilst maximising margins and optimising operations across the value chain; be it production, logistics or procurement.

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