Digital Intelligence

Ecommerce practices motivated by data and performance indicators that produce a more cohesive online customer journey.

Ecommerce is a field rich in data that is either generated or consumed in each digital interaction of consumers with the online platform. For Metyis, eCommerce analytics is a way to leverage this wealth of data and turn it into actionable insights. This process involves several steps and each one is crucial in its own way.

Our approach brings value to our business partners by tailoring each step of the analytics to their immediate needs in line with their long-term ambition. We make sure that the automation of the data collection process is flawless, and we pair it with constant data quality checks. This establishes solid foundations upon which statistical analyses and visualisations can be built.

We conduct statistical analyses that go beyond standard reports. Every Key Performance Indicator (KPI) can be tracked and decomposed into relevant dimensions. KPIs are defined and linked among each other in a framework that reflects the goal of our business partners. This helps them succeed because they can map each measure to a business goal and understand which actions are required to achieve this goal. Notably, a comprehensive picture arises once we visualize this information with some of the most professional Business Intelligence (BI) tools. At this point, it becomes apparent to business stakeholders how interconnected most decisions are, despite them being carried out in nominally disjoint business units. As a consequence, the orchestration of all activities finally happens, and efforts are efficiently funnelled towards common objectives.

Digital IntelligenceApproach

Our approach to eCommerce analytics goes beyond mere KPI descriptions. It aims to predict future actions by consumers. It provides recommendations of what would work best as the next set of actions. We embrace a test-and-learn philosophy where data-motivated changes are introduced in a tractable way. Measuring the effect of these changes is a key part of our approach. Those measurements yield new insights and act as a new data input for a continuous virtuous feedback loop.

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