Loyalty Programs

Solutions for consumer-centric experiences that reward long-term contact with the company and its products.

When bringing value to our business partners, consumer interest is key. To build a deeper connection with our customers, Metyis supports our clients by personalising consumer experiences with their brands through new loyalty programs.

Different levels of membership grant access to different rewards and experiences. Interactions with our business partner’s brand, such as making a purchase or writing a product review, will reward members with points that unlock exclusive perks.

By employing AI-powered platforms, machine learning models, and advanced analytics our data scientists and data engineers use AI & Data Solutions to help clients reach better consumer insights and segmentation. This ensures that we minimise the time marketing loyalty solutions, whilst scaling consumer engagement and driving traffic and conversion.

Loyalty ProgramApproach

The main goal is to accompany our business partners in establishing the best consumer-facing program in the industry. This means:


Expanding our business partner’s value proposition beyond products by enabling services, experiences, purpose, and even convenience.

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Building one connected ecosystem, integrating further physical and digital channels across all consumer touchpoints.


Identifying, delighting, and retaining our best consumers.


Connecting the best our business partners have to offer to their best consumers with the “members first” mindset.

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