Personalisation Strategy

A centralised and data-oriented strategy that provides greater context and relevancy for online consumers and product journeys.

We are beyond the times when brands and retailers could only distinguish themselves based on products. In this ever-changing digital era of hyper-connectivity, experience is the new proposition.

There are many challenges when it comes to enabling technology and creating relevancy. These are becoming more of a commodity and a lot of off-the-shelf solutions in this space are emerging. Some very good Customer Data Platform (CDP) solutions are making this possible with much less effort.

The technology still has a lot of dependency on implementation within the companies' legacy systems with a varying degree of IT complexity and reliance on monolith systems that can cause longer than usual implementation timelines. Working with a seasoned and trusted partner can help shorten these delays and capitalise on the learnings from before.

Change management is the most difficult part to achieve and needs to be inculcated in the ways the organisation works with a clear alignment toward employee incentives and goals.

Personalisation Strategyapproach

Technology Backbone

This means having the technology to collect data, generate insights, and distribute the actions to the different end-point systems in a centralised way so that the omnichannel messaging is the same.

Relevancy with Personalisation Algorithms

We build a heightened sense of context for each consumer. Traditional segmentation is interesting, but not very effective. As we get more volumes of data from consumers’ digital interactions, we can create hyper-personalisation using a “segment of one”. We reinforce learning by using continuous testing at each micro-interaction level.

Change Management

Helping the organisation embrace the digital expectations that its end customers have is key to a successful turnaround. We create processes and KPI frameworks that ensure that every small point of decision-making is done by putting end customers at the heart of the process.

A successfulpersonalization strategy

We have seen great results with some of our clients where 10-12% of revenue is driven by onsite personalization, as well as a lift of 70-80% on marketing return for ad spend by targeting the new predicted audiences better. More importantly, we see a much higher spike in interactions with deeper engagement in a more sustained manner.

All this is done in a very secure fashion in compliance with the GDPR regulations to give consumers a great experience across their omnichannel journey. Some of the outcomes of a successful personalization strategy could be:


Showing differently curated messaging or landing pages for each consumer.


Recommending products on the website such as “other shoppers also liked/bought”, “shop the look”, or “you may also like”.


With an automated drip Customer Relationship Management campaign based on behavioural insights, we can help derive a custom offer for each consumer taking into account their product preferences and price sensitivity in line with their channel preferences.


Social media analysis which uses Google and Meta’s algorithm by giving them an audience that we predict to be more engaged.


A device-based approach using different content which is relevant to the device.

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