In this edition of One ethos, One culture, Abe Sweep, a Strategy Analyst at our Amsterdam office, describes his journey into the field of strategy consulting and discusses Metyis’ supportive work environment that encourages him to develop entrepreneurial skills. 

​​​​​​Meet Abe, a Strategy & Execution Analyst in Amsterdam

​​​​​​​Tell us more about yourself. 

I was born and raised in Rotterdam, the second-largest city in the Netherlands. The city’s motto, “Actions speak louder than words”, perfectly summarises how I am. Since I was young, I have always enjoyed solving puzzles which led me to study Data Science at the University of Amsterdam. I am also a passionate sportsman (football, tennis, padel, golf, running – I completed the Amsterdam marathon this year), and I love reading books about psychological topics.  

What was your path to Metyis?

My path to Metyis began when I was studying Data Science and discovered that the digital era and all technological developments associated with it fascinated me. Besides my studies, I did various extracurricular activities, which became a catalyst for me to develop my strategic thinking. Finding a company that has a unique combination at the core of its projects is scarce. Metyis bridges strategy, execution, and the data-driven world — a cocktail that sparked my interest and perfectly fit my profile. 

What is your current role at Metyis?    

As a Strategy & Execution Analyst, my day-to-day role is to conduct in-depth analysis and support decision-making to ensure the client is always one step ahead and unlocks maximum value. Besides my project activities, I’m also closely involved in growing Metyis as an organisation through various internal initiatives. I’m currently working to increase sustainability awareness, provide training internally and to students, and spot opportunities in the market to develop our business. 

Tell us about a project you are proud of that you recently delivered to a client.  

We have spent the last couple of months working on an expansion and localisation strategy for a leading fashion company to assess which global markets offer the most attractive investment opportunities. Moreover, we explored how to tailor the assortment to meet the consumer needs in the respective markets. Cultural differences played a crucial role in this project, raising questions such as: how do cultural aspects influence the apparel industry? How can marketing content be localised? How can the local supply chain be optimised to ensure best-in-class delivery services? 

Are you involved with any of the Metyis communities, such as Sustainability? ​​​​​​​  

I am incredibly proud to be part of the Sustainability community within Metyis, where we try to make an impact both internally and externally. Internally, we focus on various topics that will make Metyis a more sustainable company. As an example, we created a comprehensive plan to make sustainability one of the key pillars of our Campus in Porto. Externally, we increasingly encounter the urge for sustainability as an organisation’s backbone. We see this with all types of clients and across all industries. With the community, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to support our clients in their sustainability journey. 

If there is one word you could use to describe your experience with Metyis, what would it be and why? 

Dynamic. Each day is different, and that is what I like most about Metyis. Nothing is set in stone yet, allowing for an entrepreneurial mindset. Every day, we keep challenging each other, eventually leading to personal development, performing better as a team, and stimulating growth within the company. 

How does Metyis inspire you to be a better professional?

I truly appreciate how Metyis provides endless entrepreneurial possibilities and tailored personal advancement opportunities for each individual. I am extremely proud of developing the sustainability practice. Teaching and training have always been my biggest passions; I have always tutored high school and university students in mathematics, machine learning, and programming. I currently pursue this passion by giving and developing various training courses for onboarding sessions and recruitment events in the Amsterdam office. I am thrilled that I can pursue my passion at Metyis! 

Was there a particular person or experience that impacted your philosophy towards work (or life)?  

Once, a football coach taught me that you could not improve yourself by doing things you can already do; you have to keep challenging yourself in life. This is true for sports, but you can definitely apply it to work-related areas and personal life.