In this edition of One ethos, One culture, Constanze Ihring from the Munich office shares her experience shaping Metyis’ German presence and interacting with a prominent fashion brand. For her, one of the main reasons why she joined Metyis is its entrepreneurial spirit and the ambition to grow.

Meet Constanze, our Strategy & Execution Associate in Munich

Tell us more about yourself.

I am originally from the western part of Germany, but I have been moving around a lot in the last 10 years due to my work. For example, I spent two years in Rotterdam and I lived in Tokyo for two and half years. Last year, I moved to Munich for Metyis.

I started my professional career in a dual studies program at BP. That means that I was working full time while studying in the evening and on Saturdays to obtain my bachelor's degree. After completing my degree and my assignment in the Netherlands, I decided to pursue a Master's in International Business in Japan because I did a student exchange there during high school and I fell in love with this country.

What was the biggest surprise about Metyis?

I like Metyis because it is not about passing slide decks to the client but rather finding and implementing solutions that are helping the client’s daily business. The best part of the job is working alongside people who will challenge, support and inspire you to excel and move forward in your career. Next, Metyis tries to create a work environment where the team embraces you even outside your own office.

How does it feel to be part of a fast-growing company?

One of the main reasons why I joined Metyis is its entrepreneurial spirit and the ambition to grow. The German office was founded just last year with the goal of rapidly developing this subsidiary. Hence, everyone is highly motivated and it gives you the freedom to push interesting topics to reach their potential. Moreover, I truly enjoy working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. Hence, I was excited when I joined my first project that entailed closely collaborating with my Dutch counterparts.

How do you describe your team in Munich?

Founded at the beginning of 2021, the Munich office is led by a highly experienced partner team consisting of former top executives and strategy consultants who give you the opportunity to learn from their experience.​​​​​​​ Working in the Munich office is fantastic because it still feels like a start-up that allows you to grow personally and take responsibilities early on to develop the company in Germany. We already partner with some of the most iconic brands in the German market. For example, I have always been interested in fashion, and I am currently assigned to reinforce the efforts of a significant fashion brand. The deep dive into this industry is enlightening and has given me a new perspective whenever I go shopping.

How do you think Metyis has helped you the most to develop your career as a woman?

Metyis offers me many chances to interact with senior clients, which is not always possible, especially as a junior professional. I receive guidance from my team, but I have full accountability, which accelerates my personal growth. In addition, Metyis is offering a female mentorship programme that allows me to exchange ideas with a more senior female leader.

Do you have any advice for new recruits?

During the recruiting process, Metyis is not only focusing on evaluating the approach you take to solve a problem but also what type of contribution you’d make to the company’s evolving culture. As we are still a small subsidiary compared to the headquarters in Amsterdam, we are looking for colleagues with a “can do” attitude. Thus, it is essential to demonstrate high motivation during your interview by preparing, for example, fit stories that we can learn something about you that goes beyond what you’ve written in your resume. Case preparation and interviews can feel daunting and intimidating, but candidates benefit from studying beforehand.

What do you do outside of work?

I partake in sports like surfing and yoga in my free time and I enjoy backpacking around the world to get to know different cultures, which unfortunately became more difficult due to the global pandemic. For example, I lived in Tokyo for two and a half years which immersed me into Japanese culture and I befriended locals and learned from them.