Let’s hear it from Kathrin Stöhr, our HR Manager in the Spain office, about how her passion for diverse cultures is fulfilled by her role in Human Resources at Metyis.

Meet Kathrin Stöhr, our Human Resource Manager in Spain

Exploring diverse cultures and connecting with people began early for me 

I am an enthusiastic multicultural globetrotter, embodying both Latin and German heritage. Born in Brazil and having relocated every few years to various countries in Latin America (Chile, Paraguay, Mexico), Europe, and Pakistan due to my father's work, I have developed an insatiable curiosity for exploring diverse cultures and connecting with people from all walks of life. Today my family (my husband and three children) are just as international and passionate explorers of life as me.  

Driven by a natural inclination towards service and a genuine interest in individuals, I pursued a degree in Hotel & Tourism Management in Switzerland, initially believing it to be the perfect path for me. However, it was during my studies that I stumbled upon my true passion: human resources.  

Over the past 15 years, I have ventured into different HR domains, constantly inspired by the recruitment process and the opportunity to learn something new from every person I encounter. Assisting businesses in shaping their HR strategies has become an integral part of my journey. 

Fitting like a glove at Metyis 

I work as an HR Manager at Metyis in Spain. Metyis crossed my path five years ago, and I knew instantly that it was the place where I belonged. As a global company transcending national boundaries, Metyis unites diverse nationalities with a common purpose: creating a significant impact on individuals, companies, and even entire countries. Having witnessed the profound transformation brought about by Metyis, it was a tremendous honor to be considered for a role within this remarkable team. 

Unlocking the extraordinary in people 

My dream job was working for a development company or an NGO, following my father’s footsteps, helping individuals and even an entire society to emerge through education and projects that help them to be financially independent.   

Previously, as a Career Advisor at Esade's Career Services, specialising in the consulting industry, I had the privilege of not only helping consulting firms find their ideal candidates but also supporting students in realising their dreams of a career in consulting.  

This experience fueled my belief that "If you can dream it, you can do it," motivating me to guide others in breaking free from conventional thinking and striving for the extraordinary. It is in this spirit that I seek personal and professional growth. The environment at Metyis has been incredibly rewarding and fulfilling for me in this regard.

Sometimes, little things can go a long way 

Looking ahead, I am filled with anticipation for the exciting journey for both myself and Metyis. I am driven to contribute my skills, experiences, and boundless enthusiasm to the company's ongoing success.  

Together, we will continue to push boundaries, redefine possibilities, and create a future filled with endless opportunities. I am proud of working so close to some extraordinary professionals and some beautiful projects that Metyis Spain has that have an impact on its nation and people.   

Small things often have an immense impact, such as a smile, willingness to help, listening to the people that are around you, and genuine interest in their lives and reality, are gestures that have a significant impact.  

If I would have to say it in one word, it would be companionship. I am lucky to have such wonderful colleagues in HR and on the business side, who support me in all the HR initiatives and make the daily work so enjoyable.